Top 10 Belarusian festivals this summer
Took almost a third of the summer, but hurricane festival in Belarus will fall just a few days. Euroradio 10 most interesting offers Belarusian festivals that are worth a visit…

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Literary festival on the Avenue "planet pranksters"
  Maybe Monday and is considered a "heavy" day, but the morning of the second of June in front of the library was the scene of bustle and festive cheer.…

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Feast of the stomach: an Unusual gastronomic festivals in the world


At these festivals do not organize gastronomic tours. Many of them are out of reach of most tourist cities, many of them are so crazy that not everyone is a foreigner to them will stick.

But, maybe that’s good, because these food festivals continue to be original and not touristoriented, the same as Oktoberfest. On them you can see how truly, selflessly locals having fun. Although, not the fact that the average citizen of these: to ride a watermelon and eat bugs in chocolate need to have a thirst for adventure and a particularly strong stomach.

1.Festival of the testicles, Clinton, Montana, USA

That’s the main hero of the occasion. Already fried. Photo: Rob Evans

In addition to the annual festival of the testicles in Montana these holidays have in Nebraska, Illinois and Indiana. As you know, the specialty of the event — the testes, namely fried bullish, beer-soaked, marinated and testicles just fries. If you want to try all the Goodies, for $ 5 you can get “egg plate”, with different types.

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Pagan holidays in July

Deliver me from the predatory hands and from foreign peoples power. Their speech is full of vanity, scourge. Hand them leads us bow! — these words still Lomonosov, more relevant than ever in our days. Therefore, for those who are not only interesting history, culture and greatness of spirit of the Russian people, but also wants to find out something new from the ancient wisdom we continue to publish the old Church calendar that the ancient Slavs celebrated in July, considering the fact that in the traditions and holidays especially show the breadth of their knowledge.

The Name Day Of The Month

July 5 our ancient ancestors celebrated the name day of the Month. On this day they were celebrated as the Month and Horned Father — vélez and the man in the moon Mother — Mary. The month, the moon, and the Sun starocean took a significant role. They called a Month and Veles the Boat, on which the souls of the dead depart to the afterlife — NAV, and Sickle Mary, by which she cuts the thread woven by the Goddess Alive ( threads of life ), and horns of the heavenly cow, and the Navier Chara of madder which is death, drinking the life force. In ancient times people believed that the Moon is directly linked to the world of the dead and opposes the Sun, as the giver of life, light and heat. Therefore, it is still of the opinion that the moon and its light Continue reading

Feast of the Banjica

“Dobyn den, Skype buddies! Good reached on Tosi it’s good day!”. January 11, Ternovskaya house of culture “Sofia” was the Bulgarian holiday of Banjica. Patty is a traditional dish of the Bulgarians, the indispensable decoration of the festive table. It is made from unleavened dough and must contain at least 8-12 cakes. Between the cakes and put the stuffing, usually cottage cheese or cheese.

Holidays the Banjica became a tradition for many Bulgarian communities in Ukraine. In Nikolaev it was held for the first time. Bright concert, a master class in cooking the Banjica, meeting with representatives of the Bulgarian societies from Kherson, Odessa, Kirovograd, Pervomaisk and S. Slivino the Nikolaev area, greeting of guests, incendiary Bulgarian dances, as well as the competition-tasting of the different types of Banjica is what awaited those who have come today to the feast.

And even traditional greetings for New year and Christmas and the ancient ritual of the boys as, Bulgarian, traditional and modern Bulgarian songs and melodies, national costumes and typical Bulgarian decoration of the house, and of course, tasting the “Queen” of the Bulgarian national cuisine – the Banjica. All this caring helped the audience to get acquainted with the Bulgarian Continue reading