Events in Prague in September
Majestic Prague is beautiful in every, without exception, the time of year. But it is especially good in the early autumn. It was at this period it can have a…

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Fashion Show - spring summer
  Fashion show 2014 – Grand event in the global fashion industry, which is traditionally held in the biggest cities of the world – the world capitals of fashion industry.…

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The Rating of the famous carnival


Vibrant festivals held in the streets, called carnivals. Today in almost every country, a colorful procession with the participation of a large number of people. Some holidays are shocking in its scope, other unusual traditions, and the third is visited by many tourists. The proposed rating is known carnivals.

1. Brazilian carnival

He is being held in Rio de Janeiro and is the most famous in the world. For the locals – it’s not just a dance show, but a way of life. For the Christmas holidays to prepare in advance. Dedicated to the carnival Samba schools that compete with each other. Colorful costumes, beautiful dancing, unforgettable spectacle every year observes a large number of visitors.

2. Mardi Gras

It takes place in New Orleans in the dead of winter. Despite the month of February, sad this holiday is not called. Carnival is striking vibrant outfits, sparkling events and strange customs. Girls in revealing clothes showered visitors with colorful beads. The task of the guests of the show included the collection of these beads.

3. Venetian miracle carnival

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