Events in Prague in September
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Decor of Dreams - props for creative photo shoots and intimate holiday
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Scenario of a summer holiday in the younger group


Children enter the music “Childhood is me and you” (Muz. Yuri Chichkov).


Dear guys! Today we otmechay international children’s day. Congratulations to all on this wonderful day!

And love to the native land.

Do live in the world of colored children

Live on one colorful planet

And this planet at all times

All colored just one!


Let the guys at the evil storm

Obnimi planet dance.

Dispel on her, and the clouds and smoke

Offense did not who will not give.

Vedas: Come on guys let’s play a game called “Friendship”.

Under muku from the cartoon “Cheburashka” rubbing her hands, back to the children, comes with a Gibus. Said a snide voice.

Gibus: Well, there’s one bad thing I successfully made: poured the bucket of salt. Now let them drink salt kompotik. HA-HA-HA!

Turns around and sees the kids.

Gibus: Aha! Here what I want!

Vedas: Where is here?

Gibus: where, Where. Yes here where a lot of children. I of them will do their helpers.

Vedas: And who are you?

Gibus: I? And, guess who am I?

Children ugadyvat.


Gibus: Yes it’s me – Opera hat. I heard you got a holiday?

Vedas: Not some, but a celebration of all children. And they came to have fun.

Gibus: Well, let’s have some fun! (get the ball). Gets him, he will go to my helpers.

Starts randomly deceive children, throwing them the ball.

Vedas: Well, no! that’s not good. Helpers from our children you can not see. A. if we are to play, really.

Gibus: It’s like really?

Vedas: It means according to the rules. I mean, look, we show you the game “As live? “. Want and teach you.

The game is held. The game is performed with increasing pace.

Gibus: Oh, and a fun game! It turns out you can have fun and not nasalis. Fun with you guys, and you will have more guests?

Vedas: Well, of course there will be guests! Now, I hear someone coming.

The music Field Moorea is part of the summer.

My you hi guys – preschoolers!

I – red summer, sun I richly.

His flowers on my wreath are lit,

Flowers are alive, this is my outfit!

We all admire your outfit

We can stand with you

And touch with a finger a little bit.

We are glad you, summer be with us.

The sun have on you all will suffice

But, it’s a hot day, and early in the morning,

I ask you on a flower meadow.

Dance – game “Wreath”.

Vedas: We call on a holiday of all friends!

Let them dance, will be fun.

Dance invited children from the dance group.

Vedas: Today is a beautiful summer day and you want everyone to have a good mood. Meet the guest from the circus. This clown Klepa.

The clown comes to the music of “Circus, circus, circus”. I Klep in the hands of the Hoop. It is suitable for children and greets with each hand.

Klepa: Hey boy, Hey girl!

Vedas: why are You so say Hello, hand?

Klepa: But how? Leg? Well, okay. (greets each leg).

Vedas: Yeah, right! Look as it should!

Hello boys!

boys: Hello!

Vedas: Hello girls!

girls: Hello!

Vedas: Hello girls and boys!

Children: Hello!

Vedas: That’s the way you say Hello. Understand?

Klepa: Hello boys and girls!

Children: Hello!

Klepa: is your holiday and you dance, sing, have fun, and we have the circus has such a fun poem. Let us read it together. I’ll start and you finish with the words “We, too! ”.

Klepa: Ate fourteen cutlets….

Children and childhood – the joy of the earth.

Let there be peace on the planet

The game is played “Robots & butterflies”.