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Summer activities for children


With the arrival of warm Sunny days comes the time for long vacations, and summer activities for children on the street come to the fore. Children ride bicycles and roller skates, swim in the river, play outdoor games and constantly climb in sports equipment at playgrounds.

Dear readers and blog visitors Develop children themselves, today I will begin to talk about what summer activities for kids prefer our grandchildren. Like all kids, they love to engage in sports corners of children’s parks and squares, but in General on any Playground in the city.

Sports summer fun for kids

One of the favorite places for walks Abbot is a Park with a lake and waterfowl. There is the original maze for small children. Emir loves to use suspension bridge with loose slats on the chains. On the video he passes this obstacle together with a friend.

From all ladders grandson prefers rope, not just to climb on top of her, but also to swing. Recently he learned to swing independently. I was greatly pleased, because we do not need to stand near it and continually to shake.

Elsewhere in the city are growing spruce, pine, cedar or birch trees, giving shade on hot days and fresh air on the playgrounds of the city. Always curious to examine the buds and little buds on their branches, to inhale the unique aroma and enjoy the beautyof green needles. Can enjoy, isn’t it beautiful?!

The Playground, located near the place where Victor lives, is a lot of gym equipment and missiles for the kids. Emir simulator always chooses the type of the treadmill, and have successfully taught himself to use it.

Recently everywhere grew yellow dandelions, but now we have a fly and ride for the land of their furry heads.

Simple and affordable summer fun for kids in the street is a much healthier pastime for computer games. That’s so much fun and smartly worn our grandchildren at the sports complex for children. located on the ground close to the house.

Holiday balloons

Over the weekend, on one of the squares of the city was organized a big celebration balloons. That’s where it was expanse for kids! Everyone, distributed free balls and was invited to take part in the competition for the most original composition built from different balloons.

The boys willingly inflated balls, helped my mother decorate the stroller. Gladly rested in the shade under the balls.

While the Emir settled down to rest, Victor watched with interest the establishment of a kite balloon, who invented one of the participants.

Then we watched the show giant soap bubbles.

And photographed next to a gorgeous bright arch of balloons, decorated with the sun. The Emir is very like the girl on the swing, also made of inflated air colored balls.

Watch a short video recorded on this holiday and enjoy a bit of the atmosphere of summer mood, light and airy.

The article takes part in the competition “Children’s games” on the blog “Razvivashki” in the first stage. And now a question for observant readers: what’s the word encrypted in various photos of our grandchildren, nahodili on each letter we’ve been looking for with them? Waiting for your guesses in the comments.

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Write in comments about their experiences, tell us about your summer entertainment. Don’t forget to participate in the survey. which is held on the blog. I appreciate everyone’s opinion of the reader.