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The program of the festival – to Be Good

The annual festival volunteers and friends “Be Good” is designed for those who want to make this world just a little better. “Be good” is part of the legendary team of the festival ’s Empty Hills” who decided to give a summer celebration for all volunteers. “Be good” is several thousand participants, a whole city of tents in the woods, hundreds of lights, thousands of good votes, workshops, endless fire-show, nightly movie screenings under the stars, as well as live music on several stages. The festival of music all formats: from ethnics to Blues, from rock to trance. The festival also offers secured Parking, fair souvenir and ethnic products, many taverns and coffee shops and more. The festival’s goal is to make became more good people willing to help this world become better.

Each year the festival come by the good people of Kaluga, Tula, Moscow, Bryansk and other regions.

When and where?

This year “Be good ” 2013″ will be held from 27 to 30 June in the vicinity of rural settlements “Berezovsky” (Suvorov district, Tula region), 82 km from Kaluga. Coordinates: Longitude: 36.40113 Latitude: 54.024713. Location map

I’m not a volunteer. Can I come?

Of course! One of the objectives of the festival is to promote volunteerism in the society of thinking people who care.

What will happen?

Expected 5 cultural sites:

•Electric performances at the venue of the club ’s prancing dreadnought”.

•Jam tea from Kaluga tea club AmRa.

•Funky Jazz Hall – live improvised with chill and lounge sets and the cinema, designed in the theme of the festival.

•Theatre “Hearth on canvas” with two stages facing each other.

•“the Stage of Goodness and Light”, where it is expected a large influx of carefully selected young artists. Also planned: a platform of workshops, presentations, volunteer organizations, and the fair copyright products and many, many other interesting things.

How much is it?

Entrance and accommodation at the festival – free. For the money – only additional services: food and beverage at eateries, Parking, festival buses and stuff.

Festival bus?

Prior to the festival and back will be walking festival buses from Moscow and Kaluga. Remember: using dobrowski instead of public or private transport, you will assist the festival.

The movement of any cars and motorcycles on the festival grounds is prohibited, but you can leave your iron on the Parking lot or to stay with him in avtalegiro.


Will be organized a paid guarded car Park, security will be provided by chop until Monday morning (!). Cost – 700 rubles for all time. For motorcyclists the cost traditionally halved – 350 rubles. Leaving their vehicles there and not at the sides of the roads, you will know that it will be cared for, and would also help the festival.

For those who don’t want to leave his car at the time of the festival, will be organized autopager. The cost of camping places near auto – 1500 rubles. The camp of the bike – 750 rubles. Autopager is located next to the festival meadow.

NB: ATVs can be left only in the car Park in avtalegiro them can not be set.