Top 10 Belarusian festivals this summer
Took almost a third of the summer, but hurricane festival in Belarus will fall just a few days. Euroradio 10 most interesting offers Belarusian festivals that are worth a visit…

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Festivals and holidays in Rimini
  Rimini is a city of colourful festivals and celebrations. The preparation here very carefully and with all your soul. In order to get to the festival in Rimini, guests…

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Festivals and holidays in Rimini


Rimini is a city of colourful festivals and celebrations. The preparation here very carefully and with all your soul. In order to get to the festival in Rimini, guests come not only from Italy but from all over the world. This year in Rimini will host several music and art festivals, and the most memorable festival of the year – the Pink night .

The festival is “Get up before the Sun.” For the sixth time in a row this spring, from April 27 to may 4 festival of “Get up before the Sun.” It will bring together creative teams from around the world. The festival will be awarded to the best participants in such categories as classical, modern, folk choreography, instrumental folk and classical music, folk and academic choirs, vocalists, ensembles, youth theatre troupe.

Another such festival will be held in the autumn – September 21-28.

The initiator of the acts of the Spanish organizer FIESTALONIA together with the municipality of Rimini.

The festival is “Get up before the Sun” is held for the maintenance and development of Amateur creativity of children and youth, exchange of experience between the teams of Western and Eastern Europe, increase of professional level performers.

Music festival Maltese . In the late summer of Rimini hospitably opens its arms to members of another music festival – Sagra Musicale Malatestiana . This significant cultural event not only for Rimini, but also throughout Italy. Traditionally, it so happened that the music program includes works in various musical genres, ranging from symphonic to jazz music.

The history of the festival began in 1950. The original purpose of its creation was the desire to extend the tourist season in Rimini. Eventually, he won the sympathy of the musical community and audience, and now no festival is complete without the participation of the leading musical performers, conductors, soloists of Opera theatres

Each festival ends with a ceremony of awarding the best performers, classical, jazz, foreign, and folk music.

The memory of the great Fellini . The entire year 2013 will be marked by the memory of the great film Director Federico Fellini. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the death of the great Maestro of cinema. In honor of this will be many events, concerts, memorable hits, ballet performances, conferences and meetings.

Pink or purple night in Rimini (La Notte in Riviera Rose) is a unique festival of colour, romance and good mood. According to those who at least once celebrated Purple night, this colorful event is not inferior to the New year, in Rimini, as in any European country, celebrating noisy and fun. Initially Pink night was conceived by the municipality of Rimini as another holiday for the tourists, but gradually he became really popular. And how could it be otherwise, when all around is literally saturated with romance.

The tone, as you might expect, sets the color pink. With nightfall, the city is painted in pink color – the walls of the houses by lighting, water fountains with special food coloring, here and there waving pink banners – the banners, and, of course, residents and visitors Rimini, dress up clothes in all shades of pink. In different places of the city sets the scene, zadekorirovany according to its colour. They are the musical groups of different genres, and where music, all accompanied by lively dances.

It is worth noting that the pink color starts to sweep the shelves a few weeks before the festival, when merchants begin to sell all kinds of pink products. Prepare to Purple night and in the many bars and restaurants around Rimini, during the festival it was possible to offer pink champagne and a variety of pink cocktails. The culmination of fun becomes the fireworks when in the air fly salutes all shades of pink.