Carnival and Carnivals
  Farewell to winter and the arrival of spring was celebrated and celebrated in many countries. Over time, these holidays have become to rethink and to coincide with Lent. Each…

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The Most unusual festivals of the world
  We always look forward to any holidays, because it can be fun to note, you can not go to work or school (not all of course), etc. We have…

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Unusual carnivals


Carnivals are not only in Brazil and Venice. For example, in the Italian ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio carnival this year celebrating “on” – “the Carnival of the Habsburgs”. And in nice winter carnival will be held, dedicated to the Rat.

Winter carnival in nice

Nice carnival opens carnival season on the French Riviera.

Among the many cultural events, festivals or sporting events, which take place every year in nice, the carnival is one of the most popular events of the côte d’azur of France this winter. This festival now has an international fame for the quality of their submissions, the courage of the choice and originality of the animation. Remaining a symbol of imagination and burlesque, Winter Carnival attracts millions of people every year, especially on the last day of the carnival.

This year the carnival will be held in 124 times, and will be called “Le Roi des Ratapignatas, Raminagrobis et autres ramassis de Rats masques” and will be held from 16 February to 2 March. This theme, the so-called alliteration on “ra” indicates Chinese new year of the Rat (Rat). The city to the carnival comes to life from daily marches, parade of colors, elegant outfits striding, various concerts of any musical genre, and more.

This year will see several innovations. On the one hand, the route will be more concentrated and more dense, which will take place along the coast from the hotel Meridian to the Opera. On the famous promenade prestigious resort will pass huge floats covered in thousands of flowers. In the role of equestrians will perform a seductive model in rhinestones and feathers, throwing the audience bouquets of flowers. In the procession will involve large dolls from papier-mache, each 12 feet tall. As for the posters, this year they will be fluorescent.

And, finally, the obligatory tradition last night – His Majesty Carnival. A huge effigy will be accompanied by the children, before being burned at the stake by the sea, and sometimes on the sandy shores. At the end of the celebration will be fireworks, which will be held in the Bay of angels.

Royal ski carnival

The Italian ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio carnival this year celebrating “on” – “the Carnival of the Habsburgs”. Costumes, performances and processions dedicated to the stay of the Emperor Franz Josef and Princess Sissi in the Dolomites. Already in the late nineteenth century, this small Italian mountain town was the resting place of the Imperial family of Habsburg and the Supreme European aristocracy. Princess Sissi and the Emperor Franz Joseph, the two most famous historical character, largely determined the fate of Europe of the last century – the main characters of the holiday. In Madonna di Campiglio the streets immersed in the atmosphere of the XIX century, they slowly follow in the direction of the Street of Emperor horse-drawn carriages, and the gallant hussars ride their ladies on Russian threes. And in the cabin Salone Hofer heard the rustle of skirts elegant ball gowns, swirling to the rhythm of the Viennese waltz ladies.

Although all this action bears the stamp of our times, in the afternoon “the Habsburg court” almost entirely cut turns on the white Spinale ski slopes or the Grostè. The program of the carnival is “Imperial ski slope” Princess Sissi surrounded by a guard of hussars, Viennese waltz maids, dance Royal jesters on the main square, ice show ice skating on a local lake, battle “detachment detachment,” hussars and Dragoons, and various processions “Royal court,” the sounds creating a romantic atmosphere of the Viennese waltz. The carnival lasts until 8 February.