The Most unusual festivals of the world
  We always look forward to any holidays, because it can be fun to note, you can not go to work or school (not all of course), etc. We have…

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Main festivals and holidays of November in Ukraine
  The festival is held for 9 years. In 2012 it is a reconstruction of one of the battles for the liberation of Kiev in November 1943. In the "battle"…

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World events March: art and culture of the peoples of the world

Every month in the world there are significant events that are memorable to mankind for a long time. Now, however, we are not talking about political events or competitions, not on the screening of new film projects, fashion, and interesting cultural and sometimes very colorful events around the world.

The content

India: the colors and paint

In mid-March (the 17th) will host one of the brightest events. And not only metaphorically, but literally. It is called Holly and is an ancient tradition in the country. She can have several scenarios, however, the breeding ritual fires, after which the Indians are dressed in simple clothes and carrying capacity with colorful water, and bags of dry paints. Then begins the riot of colours or colorful Orgy, everyone wants to decorate the world, putting all of his soul. Be afraid of colors is not necessary – in India they are made from natural ingredients. In addition to paints used spices and powders of herbs. Those who engage in Ayurveda, confidently state that in the process of colorization of the world except the joy a person can spend a great prevention against viral infections.

Spain: meeting of spring

Spring lasts about two and a half weeks and is called Fallas. The celebration takes place all over Spain, but Valencia traditions different from others. These days on the streets you can see a lot of people in black shirts and scarves in the box. Gape, and your foot flies a firecracker from one of these jokers. Donuts with chocolate filling – main delicacy, which you can buy everywhere these days. The most notable event of the exhibition becomes huge (two to ten meters tall) dolls representing hot topics. In the end, at the end of the festival they burn under the joyful shouts of the audience and to the accompaniment of fireworks. Crowned this hour salute.

Bali island: for body and soul

The five-day festival on the island of Bali is held every year and is dedicated to yoga and music. During the day there is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the practice of meditation, different types of yoga and attend master classes in numerous types of massage. In the evening everyone has the opportunity to enjoy music at concerts. The music is not only local, but also reggae, fusion, eelectromusical and so on. All festival visitors have the chance to try organic food.

There in Bali on the last day of March to celebrate the new year. And in an unusual way. The day is preceded by a noisy carnival with costumes and puppets of demons kind of creepy, which is considered a bunch of vices and evil that exists in the world. Then the dolls burn, go home, and begins the day of silence. On the streets not a soul, only special patrols ensure that the rules of Nyepi (the name of this holiday) was observed. People enjoy the peace and purified from earthly vices and sins. For them this is a wonderful opportunity to think about eternal values – love, kindness, patience and humanity.

Before the new year in Bali is arranged a carnival with fireworks and fireworks

Japan: cherry blossoms

At the end of March comes the time of Hanami – the Japanese entertainment with a long history, and deep philosophical meaning. People enjoying the view of cherry blossoms, thinking about the beauty of life and associated deciduous petals with the transience of time. The cherry blossoms begins in the southern regions and gradually comes to the North. Each year, meteorologists forecasts flowering tree. Due to the forecast and the difference in time of flowering in different regions, to enjoy a similar phenomenon can March to may, moving across the country from South to North. The Japanese in this period, families go to the Park and photographed against the backdrop of deciduous trees. It is a great moment. To think about something lofty and eternal.