Festival the Forge of happiness
  We invite You to the most striking and unusual festival this fall, "the Forge of happiness"! On 10 and 11 September 2011 . from 10.00 to 19.00, in the…

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Festivals and holidays in Rimini
  Rimini is a city of colourful festivals and celebrations. The preparation here very carefully and with all your soul. In order to get to the festival in Rimini, guests…

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Decor of Dreams – props for creative photo shoots and intimate holiday


In my spare time I dream … about new and interesting projects or reading a book.

My favorite program … Oh, I don’t watch TV. This time I would spend on browsing wedding blogs for inspiration.

My hobby … – this is my job 🙂 And work as a hobby. In my opinion, is a perfect combination for a creative person.

Best week-end is a stylized … a picnic with your favorite girlfriends. Well, or a family movie night in support of Goodies that we all cooked together!

True love is … when you are whole.

I can’t live without … creativity and sleep 🙂 I love both.

Music that I always danced … Michael Parsberg & safri Duo. But I prefer music that I sing along. For example, the White Guard, Hell, Yakushev, Sergey and Tatyana Nikitin, music of the Soviet cinema.

Do you believe in love at first sight … rather no than Yes. At least with me, it’s never happened. But I’m not saying that this can not be. In our world, actually.

In my activity I like the most … to create beauty and to fulfill someone’s dreams.

To me it is pleasant to cooperate because … I am a positive and sociable person.

If I do something, then … I try to give 100% and do it, like he did for himself. Working with brides, I feel like a bride, which is the most important day of your life.

In relations with the newlyweds especially important for me … to create a trusting and friendly atmosphere where children will open and will help me to understand how they see your perfect day. Well, I will try to implement all their ideas.

The perfect wedding is … a beautiful day without the hustle and bustle… this is the day in which everyone says about HIM and about HER… that morning Cup of coffee for two… it’s a gentle hug when they first met… it’s sincere tears during the vows… this is a “thank you” before bed…

What I learned about weddings in the last year … the right team of wedding vendors is the key to creating the perfect wedding!

Proud of what I … after graduation physical and rehabilitation medicine, decided to devote his life to art and creating beautiful weddings.

To learn to see the beauty, the person needs … to be around someone who sees it the most beautiful thing in everything: in the first snow in the spring sunshine, the flowering cherries, sea spray, in the rustle of fallen leaves under my feet…

The most romantic book in my opinion … “Bird singing” Guntekin.

I would like to try yourself in the role … the mother of two children.

Most enjoyable for me a compliment … “Oh, how nice it is!”

The good wife – it’s … beautiful, gentle and loyal friend who gives you lots of smiles and a sense of comfort.

A good husband is … reliable, strong and caring friend who gives you confidence.

If I could change something in the world, I would … didn’t change anything. Actually, the world is so perfect. Not ideal we the people. And we just have to learn to see the beauty of our world and to enjoy every day!

The best advice I have ever given … “everything that happens to us is right.”

It is important to be on top because … it is so you can be proud of what you’re doing!