The Most original festivals September
  The font size of Different parts of our country never cease to amaze unique holidays and incredibly interesting events. September is one of the best months to visit them.…

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Carnival and Carnivals
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Festivals and holidays of Japan


SUMMER – time fun in the lap of nature

Summer is the season of rice planting and a time when green outfit covered the whole country. Green leaves of cherry trees, maples, oaks and chestnut trees in the mountain forests contrast with the dark color of the evergreen pines and barely coming out of the ground with tender bamboo shoots.

Summer is the season of fireworks. Almost every evening throughout Japan colourful fireworks, colorful quickening the night sky.

Summer in every corner of the country are spectacular large-scale festivals, many with colorful folk dances. Dances such as “Bon Odori” is a great way of entertainment and recreation for the local residents, their friends and guests.

Festivals and holidays

Mid June the Sanno Matsuri of HIE temple in Tokyo. Parade with removable temples through the busy streets of the Akasaka district. Held once in two years.

Second Saturday of June, the Festival of horses Pull-pull Umako in Morioka, in which is arranged a parade of beautifully decorated horses.

July 7 Nationwide Tanabata festival, or the festival of stars. With the largest wingspan is held in Sendai. During the feast before the doors of houses and gates gardens exhibited bamboo poles with attached multi-colored strips of paper.

Mid-July (within 15 days) Fourth tournament fighters sumo, Nagoya

13-15 July (or August, depending on the areas of the country) Week of commemoration of the dead, O-Bon. Throughout the country there are religious rituals in memory of the deceased. Celebrate national dance “Bon-Odori” in order to appease the souls of the dead.

On 14 July, the Festival Himatsuri temple Nati, or the festival of lights in Nati-Katsuura in which is conducted the procession dressed in white robes of the clergy, carrying 12 large torches.

1-15 July, the Feast of the Hakata gion in Fukuoka Yamagata. The peak of the festival falls on the 15th of July, when there is a parade of giant floats.

16-17 July, the gion Matsuri, the biggest festival in Kyoto, which has been celebrated since the ninth century. Along the main street is a parade of huge, ornately decorated floats.

The last Saturday of July, a Grand Demonstration of fireworks over the Sumida river, Tokyo.

July or August Music festival Tangency Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima, during which dancing Palace to the accompaniment of music.

24-25 July Holiday Tenjin Matsuri, or festival of the temple Shrine in Osaka. The demonstration of miniature temples, transported by boats on the river Dojima.

1-7 August, the Festival of Nebuta Matsuri in Aomori (2-7 August) and the festival of Neputa Matsuri in Hirosaki (1-7 August) . during which parades a huge luminous figures, mounted on wheeled platforms.

3-6 August Festival Kanto Matsuri in Akita. Famous parade when the parties have a long bamboo poles, suspended from the numerous paper lanterns.

5-7 August, the Feast of Hanagasa Matsuri in Yamagata, during which about 10 thousand citizens dressed in traditional straw hats decorated with colorful artificial flowers folk dances.

12-15-August, the Festival of folk dance Awa Odori in Tokushima. Day and night the whole city is filled with the sounds of song and dance.