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Unique gifts for the holiday


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Cheat sheet for those who want to find the most original gifts for the New Year. Valentine’s day, March 8, Birthday, or just on occasion to please your loved ones.

Puzzle with a picture of each . 400 — 1300 rubles.

Still, it’s interesting — build your own image of the pieces. So, while there’s still time, get a cool photo of your friend and go “tinkering” puzzle. As the light version, you can order a mug or t-shirt.

The Calabash . 450 -800 rubles.

Danced the Samba under Santana, rereading Cortazar and eating it all Castaneda, be sure to SIP mate. Traditional materials are prepared in a Cup of pumpkin-calabashes and drunk through a metal straw with a string — bombilla. So brew, drink and drive leisurely conversations.

Set of sake, sushi and rice . 700 — 1400 RUB.

The inhabitants of the land of the rising sun love to relax. And what a relaxing vacation without intoxicating beverages. Ten years ago, few Russian citizens was what sake. Today in many Japanese restaurants offer a taste of the drink pitcher. Ready to drink served in a special ceramic ware tokkuri, and poured into a small round Cup ochoko. Be sure to pay attention to all of you sitting at the table were full cups. One-pour drink is not accepted. So if you have a Japanese restaurant on new year’s eve are not going to arrange a home Eastern ritual Oh how I want to, then this set.

Markers for drawing on clothes . 1 thing -120 rubles. If desired, you can change the pictures: they are washed in the first washing.

Table hockey, football. Hockey from 1500 rubles, 500 rubles from football.

If your loved like crazy fan, if he doesn’t allow anyone to the TV, when they show football or hockey match, and the stadium is torn — give him a stadium or a hockey box. This has many advantages: the absence of police, room temperature, all conditions for drinking of beer and the ability to Unscrew the head of any player for a bad game.

Photo frame floating in the air . 3200 rubles.

Only the original gift, which implements advanced technology achievements. Under the influence of electromagnetic field frame hangs in a certain place between the fulcrum and the base of the stand. Your picture is floating in the air. A miracle!

Balls and pendulums to calm the nerves . Balls — 30 -700 rubles pendulums – from 700 rubles.

If you notice that your boss too often nervous, feel free to give him balls or pendulums. The pendulum can be put on the desktop, and the balls fit perfectly in a jacket pocket. A quiet chime and dimensional rocking calm nerves, and besides balls develop hand muscles — to roll them in your hands, not looking up from the conversation.

Socks with fingers . 200 rubles.

Each finger of his house. Feet in these gloves look weird, but damn attractive. Now you can not ask a sneakers and proudly pace, moving all ten fingers!

Talking bottle of vodka . 1500 rubles.

This gift is not ashamed to bring guests for any occasion, and especially for the New year. Bottle toasts, periodically reminding that it is time to pour the new.

Darts . 300 — 3000 rubles.

If you balls for meditation is not enough, then a great change — Darts. The game of Darts soothes not less than a pendulum. The main thing, then try not to fall under the hot hand, which throws these Darts.

The bags of aromatic herbs (400 rubles), ridiculous figures out of soap (120 rbl.), photo frames (120 rbl.), an unusual form of lamps and clocks (780 rbl.)

Cute things is the best fit to bestow a whole group of friends in bulk. Most importantly, how to present a gift!