Cultural events of the Autumn in Lviv
  This year in Lviv cancelled or postponed most holidays and festivals in connection with the difficult situation in the country. But Lviv is not going to give up completely…

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The Rating of the famous carnival
  Vibrant festivals held in the streets, called carnivals. Today in almost every country, a colorful procession with the participation of a large number of people. Some holidays are shocking…

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Israeli festivals and holidays


When the Israelites asked about cultural and religious values of the Jewish festivals, they say, “Look at it this way: tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat”. The answer is fair, because people tried to destroy the Jews for thousands of years, and the Israelis had filled his life holidays.

Israeli festivals and holidays are very diverse. Just to dinner every Saturday with the family is not enough, every time the Israelis have an obligation to listen to their grandparents. The family gathers at the dining table, where in honor of the holiday exposed to a lot of delicious food. Before you start eating, you must perform the religious ceremony. Younger family members are trying to skip when reading long passages from the Torah, while the older generation deplores the godlessness of the younger generation and recalls the days when the Jews were Jews. Below are some Israeli festivals and holidays .

In our day Judaism as there is more tradition than religion and for many festivals provide a sense of continuity that is often missing in the Christian world.

Hanukkah – the Festival of light . Its roots go back to the ancient Greeks, who tried to suppress and assimilate Judaism, the Jews resisted, sacrificing pigs on the altar, and burning clean oil for 8 days. So now, during Hanukkah, they light candles and eat fatty food, especially donuts. Oddly enough, Christians adopted the custom in your winter holiday – Christmas.

Day of memory of victims of the Holocaust . It will never be forgotten. Of course the concentration camps were a long time ago, but still alive people who have been there and even the next generation are often indirect trauma of the genocide. Hanukkah is conducted one month after Passover.

Jewish New year – autumn festival, which is called in Hebrew, Rosh Hashanah, “the beginning of the year”. This is a pretty big holiday, during which people decide to start a new life, as we have from the 1st of January.

Passover (Pesach) – the mother of all food festivals. It is held in the spring and the Christians call it Easter. On Passover occurs the last supper when dinner only wine and bread. This is a great Jewish festival, lasting an entire week, at this time there are almost no shops, and even in non-religious tel Aviv’s hard to buy bread. Some Israelis at the time so desperately in need of a pita that going for him in the Arab village.

Purim is the holiday which is celebrated in the spring, a month before Easter. It’s a wild celebration, during which the Torah prescribes to drink Hebrews spirits. People dress up in costumes and take to the streets, where drinking, having fun and engage in promiscuity. The trouble begins the next morning when they can’t even remember the name of his partner.

Sukkot – this is the autumn festival dedicated to Moses, who in his last breath said, “Look, this is the land of milk and honey”, and died before reaching Israel. The Israelis are very fun during this week-long festival. They put up tents in their gardens, to remember those forty years when Moses led the Jews through the desert.

Sylvester is our New year. It has nothing to do with Jews, but Israelis use any excuse to take a walk at the party.

Yom Kippur – “Day of atonement”, is celebrated, usually in September. It’s an important holiday. In advance you need to remember all your debts, grudges and quarrels with friends and family, and traditionally to apologize. If after three times asked them for forgiveness, they still refuse to forgive you, then the burden of guilt goes on their shoulders. It is the Jewish law for all.