Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
  Football and carnival in Rio de Janeiro two things in Brazil evoke the same strong emotions. Brazil is hosting not one carnival, but carnival in Rio de Janeiro is…

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In Blagoveshchensk, a festival of theatre and cinema Amur autumn
  The eight-hour flight — and white liner from Moscow landed at the airport of Blagoveshchensk. On Board – a solid celebrity. In town for the twelfth time in the…

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The Rating of the famous carnival


Vibrant festivals held in the streets, called carnivals. Today in almost every country, a colorful procession with the participation of a large number of people. Some holidays are shocking in its scope, other unusual traditions, and the third is visited by many tourists. The proposed rating is known carnivals.

1. Brazilian carnival

He is being held in Rio de Janeiro and is the most famous in the world. For the locals – it’s not just a dance show, but a way of life. For the Christmas holidays to prepare in advance. Dedicated to the carnival Samba schools that compete with each other. Colorful costumes, beautiful dancing, unforgettable spectacle every year observes a large number of visitors.

2. Mardi Gras

It takes place in New Orleans in the dead of winter. Despite the month of February, sad this holiday is not called. Carnival is striking vibrant outfits, sparkling events and strange customs. Girls in revealing clothes showered visitors with colorful beads. The task of the guests of the show included the collection of these beads.

3. Venetian miracle carnival

It is not only in the rating of the famous carnival, but also the most romantic places. A Grand celebration is held in Venice under the open sky. The famous fishnet masks are an indispensable attribute of the show. They are sold worldwide and are used on any holidays.

4. French carnival

A wonderful celebration lasts about a month. The main character is king. Show interesting a large number of colors with which it is carried out fighting. For those who wish to visit the show should be poisoned in nice in mid-February.

5. Swiss carnival

In Basel is a chic holiday that lasts for two days. Provided crazy fun for adults and fun for young visitors.

6. German carnival

Pedantic Germans are walking on holiday. To do this, prepare a variety of caricatures of politicians and famous people. Open carnival women who exactly 11 hours capture the town hall. During the holiday, people hunting for men’s neckties that women cling on a costume as a trophy.

7. Carnival in Goa

The show included in the list of famous carnivals, the most colorful festival. One of its traditions is dousing the guests and participants of colored water or powder. Thus, you may wish joy and success. Lasts carnival for 3 days and then ends with a beautiful fireworks.

8. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Perhaps is considered the most ancient carnival. He is known in the art of dressing. Earlier during it men and women changed clothing. Many traditions are preserved, so it is a crazy and unusual ideas.

9. Colombian carnival

The festival is incredibly impressive costumes, because of the combination of several cultures. The combination of African, Indian and American style results in a bright carnival. It begins with the selection of the king and Queen show. During it you can participate in various games and see the parade of colors.

10. Carnival on the Islands of Tobago and Trinidad

Initially, they were a French colony, so I absorbed a lot from their culture. She subsequently supplemented Caribbean expression. Today, this show captivates elegance and beauty.

Who has ever visited the carnival, long time keep in mind loud music, spectacular costumes, the colours. The carnival is a magnificent sight, for which you can go a long way.