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  When the Israelites asked about cultural and religious values of the Jewish festivals, they say, “Look at it this way: tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat”. The…

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Events in Prague in September

Majestic Prague is beautiful in every, without exception, the time of year. But it is especially good in the early autumn. It was at this period it can have a great time, be entertained and have fun. In September 2015 at various venues in the Czech capital will host a variety of concerts, music festivals, will host a variety of exhibitions and other cultural and entertaining events. Read more about some of them:

The early music festival Opera Barocca in Prague

Back in late July at the DOX Centre for contemporary art opened an unusual exhibition called “Process”. It covers the chronology of the courts over such famous figures as Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev. All points are reflected in the comics Russian artist Aleksandra Kotlyarova.

In early September, Scandinavian home and Evald will present a number of iconic Scandinavian cinema works that well known and loved in Northern Europe, but little known to the Czech audience.

With the first week of September – 4th-5th in Prague will host a fair Bylinki Koření a Čaje 2015. At this extraordinary event will feature many types of seasonings, spices, tea, sweets, herbs and a variety of cosmetics.

In the first week of the fall for residents of Prague and its guests will open its doors one of the most famous cultural points of the city – Museum Kampa

At the beginning of autumn in the capital of the Czech Republic will host one of the largest international competitions in Latin American dancing. This will be the 12th event.

In the Czech capital for the third consecutive year will be an interesting event – the marathon running barefoot. To participate in this charity event will be available to all fans to run barefoot.

The most interesting electronic music festival Prague Cassette Store Day is on the territory of the cargo station Žižkov. Its worth a visit to all lovers of this style.

11 September in the capital’s Roxy club starts a new season. It will be marked by a performance by one of the most famous British DJ Eats Everything. This year he has already participated in several large festivals Ultra Music Festival ,Coachella, as well as the famous annual dance music event on the island of Ibiza. Prague musician will visit for the first time.

IBM Smart Camp in Prague

Date: 16.09.2015

For all those wishing to promote your startup in Central and Eastern Europe, Prague autumn season is a great chance.

In the middle of the month in the city will be the presentation of a variety of projects that will be evaluated by a special jury. The best will be able to get to the finals, which will be held in Silicon valley. The winner will receive a worthy investment from a “LAUNCH” that you can use for the development of the business is 25 thousand dollars.

Festival Rapmasters Tour in Prague

Date: 18.09.2015

In the fall of Prague most interesting musical event – hip hop festival Rapmasters Tour. This cultural event which will take place in the building of the cargo station žižkov, famous musicians and DJs.

The program includes performances James Cole, Refew, PSH WWW, Hugo Toxxx, LA4 & DJ Wich + support DJs Doemixxx, Alyaz and NobodyListen & Dyrty.

23 September in Prague will arrive singer from Ukraine – Tina Karol. The singer will perform a musical performance of “I still love” in his musical compositions of different styles, poems and lyrics, which are creations of Tina. All this can be seen in the theatre HYBERNIA.

In the framework of the Russian-Irish tour in the famous Prague Lucerna complex by the legendary Russian musician Boris Grebenshikov. In addition to BG will come to the capital of such musicians as John Kelly, Alan Kelly and Brian Finnegan. After Prague, the troupe will go on tour to France (Paris, nice), will visit Barcelona, Madrid and Montenegro Budva.

Tearist is an American Duo that combined the two creative personalities – William Stangeland Menchaca and yasmin Le Kills. The style in which the group operates Tearist is an electronic music and strong vocals.

A concert by the rock group R5 in Prague

Date: 29.09.2015

A musical team R5 will be held on 29th September 2015 at the famous Lucerna Music Bar.

Band the Casualties in Prague