The corporate theme is the best way to celebrate any occasion with your team. Of course, you can order corporate standard script, or just to set up the tables…

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Space 6 of the most colorful carnivals of the world
  A typical feature of the Cologne carnival is a political satire. Goes to everyone: Obama, Berlusconi and, of course, Putin. In Cologne severely kidding about the policies that are…

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All-Ukrainian Festival of the CATCH

We received the long-awaited autumn, and with it the next, long-awaited Ukrainian Festival

To each of our Festival we add something new and this time did not miss the point. Everything that we are constantly happening at festivals, the competition to find the fish will be more athletic rules. Each hunter will be able to “shoot” scores. You can win a prize for biggest catfish, and big bass.

The prizes, of course, as always on top:

The trophy of the Festival – New wetsuit Skilur Oliva 7 mm. from the General sponsor of the all-Ukrainian Festival “Marlin”. I note that the suit will be sewn individually for the winner)

First place – shotgun Pelengas 55+ TM Pelengas

Second place – mask TM “Marlin” Uno Frameless black. tube TM “Marlin” Matte Black, plus high-quality products from TM Pelengas

Third place – gloves TM “Marlin” Smooth Wrist 5mm Duratex and quality products from TM Pelengas

In addition, we have added a prize from Artem Parkhomenko, artisan lamp PARHOM-1 economy with 2. and charging for the biggest walleye at the Festival!

Will also be a lot dopolnitelnih surprises in the form of free gifts)

In addition, our active participants of the Festivals are waiting for a surprise in the form of great t-shirts, created specially for the Festival from theand the General sponsor of the Festival fall 2013 TM “Marlin”

So, a little more official information:

The festival will be held October 11-13, 2013 . in Cherkasy region, S. Sukirno, the base of “the Three bears”

Coordinates . how to get to the place You will find here

The main theme for the Festival is here.

In the subject painted and the cost of houses and the cost of Parking, and conditions in General, everything you need to know about the venue of the Festival

Cooperate for a joint visit to the Festival here

1. Underwater hunter (ON) and vacationers who came with him, must register on priestitude, read the rules and follow them.

2. Everyone must be present at the opening of the Festival, as the opening of a negotiated plan of all actions, clarifies issues, safety, etc.

3. Each submarine hunter and camper at the Festival itself takes responsibility for their health and safety. The Festival organizers do not take responsibility for medical and physical condition of tourists at the Festival

4. Participant of the Festival comes out of the water after the opening of the Festival, according to the plan of the event.

5. The yield of the water is allowed only with a partner, one to go hunting is prohibited.

6. Out on the water, underwater hunter does not violate the rules of conduct on the water.

7. Drunk the yield of the water is prohibited.

8. The party does not go into the water if feel unwell, high or low pressure.

9. When entering the water at nighttime, lighting fixtures.

10. Each camper is environmentally conscious, takes over an area and take out garbage.

11. Careful with stitching, cutting, chopping objects, but also with fire.

12. The presence of a knife for sure. Underwater hunter has no right to depart from the boat on the water more than 50 meters without the buoy.

13. Each participant takes their own food (in particular meat on skewers), tent, boat and all that feels the need to relax.