Israeli festivals and holidays
  When the Israelites asked about cultural and religious values of the Jewish festivals, they say, “Look at it this way: tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat”. The…

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Festival - Autumn in the province. Uglich
  From 12 to 14 October will be held in Uglich family festival "Autumn in the province". Ancient Russian city offers urban dwellers to escape from the whirl of everyday…

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The Most unusual festivals of the world


We always look forward to any holidays, because it can be fun to note, you can not go to work or school (not all of course), etc. We have long been accustomed to the usual holidays — the New year. March 8, February 23, victory Day, etc. But there are so many different holidays that the common man of our country may seem strange, funny and unusual. So, the most unusual festivals in the world.

1. Of Hadak Matsuri. In Japan every third Saturday of February, decided to hold this festival, or rather even a Festival. Thousands of naked men out in the cold. They are dressed only in loincloths and sandals. According to custom, so goes the rite of ritual purification. It is believed that on this day, if a man discards his clothes off, it automatically resets all the failures and attracts good luck.

2. March of the zombies. This holiday is celebrated annually in Canada (Boston). Something like Halloween. but then thousands of people dress up in zombie and walk down the street depicting the walking dead brain eaters. What is remarkable is that many of them try to copy the gait of a zombie from the clip Michael Jackson-Thriller (1983).

3. World championship mugs. The festival is held annually in the town of Egremont, in the UK. Its essence lies in who Crouch more scary and funny face. One person made tremendous sacrifices to several years to win this championship. He just simply pulled out all her teeth. It gave him a huge advantage in Korchnoi faces.

4. Burning man. The holiday was invented in the United States and is annually held in the Nevada desert. Holiday cope a week before the first Monday of September and lasts a whole week. The meaning of the feast is not clear, but the point is that thousands of people are building in the desert the whole city during the week and then just personally demolish it. Then siteout straw man. It is unclear why, but everyone has their own traditions.

5. Monkey Banquet. This strange and unusual holiday celebrated annually in Thailand. The gist of it is that is Served is served a huge buffet with a variety of vegetables and fruits, and then to the table allowed about 600 monkeys that “sweep” of all of these dishes. A feast is held in honor of the God Rama, who according to legend scored numerous victories with the army of monkeys.

6. Tomato massacre. This festival is held in Spain. Into town come the trucks, filled tomatoes. About 100 tons of tomatoes are consumed on this holiday. Well, the rules are that anyone can take these tomatoes and they just throw them in other people. Funny and fun. But it is forbidden to use anything except the tomatoes, and it is also forbidden to use your hands and tear the clothes of other people. After the festival the streets are cleaned by means of numerous hoses, and people go to wash or river. or in specially equipped holiday showers.

7. Festival of colors (Holi) . This holiday is celebrated every moon in India (new Delhi) and it is devoted to the coming of spring and the expulsion of evil. During the celebration people watered each other with various paints, colored powders or just colored water.

8. Orange carnage. This holiday is similar to Spanish tomato massacre, but it is held in Italy and instead of tomatoes as weapons used oranges. People are divided into 9 teams and they throw each other these citrus. If someone doesn’t want to play, and just want to look, he should wear a red hat, then no one will touch him. Holiday fun, but keep in mind that can get the orange much more painful than tomato.

9. Cheese race. This festival occurs on the last Monday of may in the small English town of Coopers hill. The mountain run is a huge block of cheese. rolling down. Then a lot of people rushes after him. Who will first catch up and catches the cheese is the winner. Can not do on this holiday and no injuries, so there is always an on duty ambulance.

10. A celebration of people-birds. This festival is held annually in the UK. Many people want to feel like a bird, and therefore participate in this celebration. The bottom line is that people wearing homemade wings, stand on a special platform over the sea, and then jump off it and flap their wings like mad. Who will fly the greatest distance, until it reaches the sea, is the winner.