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Feast of the stomach: an Unusual gastronomic festivals in the world


At these festivals do not organize gastronomic tours. Many of them are out of reach of most tourist cities, many of them are so crazy that not everyone is a foreigner to them will stick.

But, maybe that’s good, because these food festivals continue to be original and not touristoriented, the same as Oktoberfest. On them you can see how truly, selflessly locals having fun. Although, not the fact that the average citizen of these: to ride a watermelon and eat bugs in chocolate need to have a thirst for adventure and a particularly strong stomach.

1.Festival of the testicles, Clinton, Montana, USA

That’s the main hero of the occasion. Already fried. Photo: Rob Evans

In addition to the annual festival of the testicles in Montana these holidays have in Nebraska, Illinois and Indiana. As you know, the specialty of the event — the testes, namely fried bullish, beer-soaked, marinated and testicles just fries. If you want to try all the Goodies, for $ 5 you can get “egg plate”, with different types.

For those who are sitting on discotechque diet, also is entertainment. For example Bullshit Bingo — guessing where a cow will make your cake. The most accurate predictor gets a super prize — $ 100. And the biggest reward is the opportunity upon return to tell friends something like “Yes, this festival of testicles isn’t worth shit”.

2. The garlic festival, Gilroy, CA, USA

The self-proclaimed man-garlic. Photo: Eugene Kim

Gilroy — informal garlic capital of the world. Here, apparently, the biggest sale of the Tick-tock in the world. Each year at the festival in California attracts more than 100,000 Chalova and eat two and a half tons of garlic and you can also buy several tons of garlic trinkets, hats, and costumes.

Besides traditional dishes with its use and lectures about its benefits, of garlic at the fest, make ice cream, drinks and cakes. Once here made garlic-pecan pie with garlic butter cream syrup and Chile. At the fest at the beautiful ladies have the chance to become a Garlic Queen.

3. Festival-toss the oranges, Ivrea, Piedmont, Italy

Orange hell. Photo: Edoardo Forneris

In the 12th century a young Italian metal at passers-by Cavaliers oranges from balconies to attract their attention. The Cavaliers, of course, is not lost, and threw oranges back. It is not known, was this a sign of love on their part.

Gradually medieval entertainment grew into orange fights. It’s almost like Tomatine. only with oranges and throw all not each other, and a bunch of people. And Yes, the points here are not rolled, you need to wear a helmet.

4. Hokitika Wild Food Festival, Hokitika, New Zealand

Wild and raw lamb testicles. Photo: Eli Duke

About this festival even scary to read. He and the festival of the Wild Food. And the wild in every sense. Compared to what I eat in Hokitika, bull’s testicles is a heavenly delight.

12 000 foodies annually savor an ice cream from larvae sushi from worms, lamb testicles and beetle borers in chocolate… by the Way, say, the last taste exactly like peanut butter. Among these delicacies modestly allocated extravagant in any other place crocodilefish and conguration.

5. Festival durian, Chanthaburi, Thailand

Fast eating durian.

The most fetid event in the world is like in Thailand. Durian fruit is one of the most smelly plants in the world – of the outcast, who ordered way in public places, becoming the king of the nine-day celebration.

If you overcome yourself and nauseating smell and taste the flesh it becomes even tasty. When you have tasted the wonderful taste, you can even fight for the first place in eating durian on the speed. At the festival there and numerous retinue of durian in different tropical fruits. Similar festivals are also held in the Philippines and in Malaysia.

6. The feast of watermelon, Moranbah, Australia

At the festival in the Australian city of Moranbah — watermelon capital of the country — lots of fun and competitions. Running race with two watermelons under your arms, carving — carving sculptures out of watermelon rinds and pulp, melons riding-skiing, eating watermelons at speed without hands, spitting seeds and more.