Scenario summer holiday — "Hello summer naughty, Hello sunshine gold"
  Position: instructor in physical education Place of work: MUNICIPAL budget preschool educational institution KINDERGARTEN № 50 "SPARK" Location: Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia Children come to the Playground for a…

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Festivals and holidays in Rimini
  Rimini is a city of colourful festivals and celebrations. The preparation here very carefully and with all your soul. In order to get to the festival in Rimini, guests…

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Fashion Show – spring summer


Fashion show 2014 – Grand event in the global fashion industry, which is traditionally held in the biggest cities of the world – the world capitals of fashion industry. Usually Fashion Weeks are held in the late fall, and they form the main design trends for next spring-summer, and 2014 is no exception.

Fashion shows in Moscow 2014 were presented in the traditional Fashion Week (30.10.13 on 4.11.13). The main catwalk fashion show 2014 in Moscow’s Gostiny Dvor, located in the heart of the capital.

Visitors of the Moscow fashion show spring summer 2014 expect some pleasant surprises. First, the updated design of the new Playground space has increased due to the second floor, which is also beautifully highlighted architecture Gostiny Dvor. Secondly, the logo of the event also got a new design. He was very original, stylish and sleek, which underlines the specificity of the Moscow Fashion Week.

At the fashion show spring-summer 2014 their collections of clothing represented both Russian and foreign designers.

The opening of Fashion Week in Moscow was marked by a fashion show by Russian designer Valentin Yudashkin. Also their collections were presented by well-known Russian fashion designers, such as Sergey Sysoev, Lisa Romanyuk, Masha Tsigal and others.

Collection Yudashkin “Scythian Gold” is a saturated summer colors, shimmering jewels, original decorative ornaments, and the use of embroidery and beads. Dominant colors: dark blue, dark green, white and yellow. The main accessory is a great bag for practical purposes and activities.

Russian designer Lisa Romaniuk presented their collection called “Silence at noon”. The major decorative element of the entire collection is made infinitely feminine bow. In combination with a print of “peas” create a sense of ease and serenity of summer.

Thus, the season of fashion shows in Moscow remember the unique atmosphere of the holiday, exciting parties and performances of pop stars.

Fashion show Chanel (Chanel) 2014

“Red thread” new Chanel collection was sporty chic. Such presented a fashion show spring summer 2014 fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld for this fashion house.

The main emphasis is on tweed dresses as well as suits and sweaters mohair. Also presented were dresses made of light translucent fabric, and costumes with plenty of decor (beading, feathers, sequins).

Sportiness images added themed accessories – knee and elbow pads and athletic shoes.

Prevailed in the collection of pastel colors – pink, lilac, beige.

Fashion show in Milan 2014

In Milan presented their collections of Gucci, Fendi, Prada, MaxMara and other well-known brands from the world of fashion.

Of course, one of the most exciting events was the Gucci show. It is in this collection were viewed absolute femininity, sexuality and mystery. The model represented the images of carefree, tanned, successful women who, going to a party, with slight negligence wore a flying dress at the tanned body.

Dominated by a spacious, open styles of flowing, flying fabrics. The bodices of dresses embellished black decor, which carelessly prokladyvaetsya from under the robes or dresses. On many models of dresses black belt or a decorative belt that emphasizes the waist and completes the look.

Shades that dominated in this collection dark red, black, and light brown, beige and orange. We also used bright sparkling prints, varied in its texture.