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Pagan holidays in July

Deliver me from the predatory hands and from foreign peoples power. Their speech is full of vanity, scourge. Hand them leads us bow! — these words still Lomonosov, more relevant than ever in our days. Therefore, for those who are not only interesting history, culture and greatness of spirit of the Russian people, but also wants to find out something new from the ancient wisdom we continue to publish the old Church calendar that the ancient Slavs celebrated in July, considering the fact that in the traditions and holidays especially show the breadth of their knowledge.

The Name Day Of The Month

July 5 our ancient ancestors celebrated the name day of the Month. On this day they were celebrated as the Month and Horned Father — vélez and the man in the moon Mother — Mary. The month, the moon, and the Sun starocean took a significant role. They called a Month and Veles the Boat, on which the souls of the dead depart to the afterlife — NAV, and Sickle Mary, by which she cuts the thread woven by the Goddess Alive ( threads of life ), and horns of the heavenly cow, and the Navier Chara of madder which is death, drinking the life force. In ancient times people believed that the Moon is directly linked to the world of the dead and opposes the Sun, as the giver of life, light and heat. Therefore, it is still of the opinion that the moon and its light can hurt people, especially the baby or pregnant woman, it should go in the moonlit night on the street or that the child slept under the window and fell on him moonlight. It was assumed that the light of the moon impressed with the mermaids that attracts them and beckons to me.

The time of the new moon and the full moon was also considered diametrically opposed. So the new moon was considered unfavourable, and the full moon — on the contrary.

In this regard, it is on the full moon before he started to remortgage the house, it was believed that then the house will always be “full Cup” .

On the night of the day of the Month consecrated to the moonlight various items, household items or charms, made of silver, and they were just left on the counter all night.

Day of the sheaf of Veles

July 12 — the day starocean finished tilling and mowing. Worshipped Velez, who was the patron of all works associated with agriculture. In the old days was honored last harvested sheaf, as it was believed that the spirit of the field, and hence the Velez is present in this sheaf.

Summer Makosh

July 19 starocean celebrated summer Makosh. They honored Makos, who was considered the ancestor of many of the Slavic-Aryan Goddesses and Gods. They worshipped her as the Keeper collected harvests, the patron Saint of knitters and weavers, the Keeper of hearth and kin, wealth and prosperity at home.

Stribog Day

14 July starocean worshipped the God of the winds. Conducted special ceremonies and offered sacrifices to the wind. In this day it was customary to scatter pieces of bread in all four directions from the centre of your own home. Climb to different heights and to pour out the gift of the wind flour or ashes from the bones of the animal, brought expressly for this purpose, a sacrifice.

Perunov day

July 20 — swatting. The holiday is dedicated to the great God Perun and to all the soldiers, the defenders of the Russian land. If that day it rained, it was believed that it washes away the evil eye, witchcraft, damage, illness. Preparations for the celebration lasted for 8 days. selected special sacrifice, which could be both a bull and cock, big cake was baked and brewed beer. All of the men on the celebration should be with swords, maces, knives, axes, and similar weapons, which then lay in front of the temple, and consecrated by the Magi. On this day the priests produced their special ceremonies that were associated not only with military Affairs, but also with agriculture, and the soldiers praised the great Perun and engage in symbolic fights with each other.


On 26 July. in the old days, there was celebrated a holiday dedicated to the God Churu, protect property and protect the border. The celebration itself was the fact that the Slavs brought him his occasional services, pulled out for this landmark pit and poured milk in it. To work on this day was only possible in your own backyard, providing this tribute to God Churu.