The world's best carnivals, which is a great way to have fun before lent by readers of the Guardian.
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Feast of the Banjica

“Dobyn den, Skype buddies! Good reached on Tosi it’s good day!”. January 11, Ternovskaya house of culture “Sofia” was the Bulgarian holiday of Banjica. Patty is a traditional dish of the Bulgarians, the indispensable decoration of the festive table. It is made from unleavened dough and must contain at least 8-12 cakes. Between the cakes and put the stuffing, usually cottage cheese or cheese.

Holidays the Banjica became a tradition for many Bulgarian communities in Ukraine. In Nikolaev it was held for the first time. Bright concert, a master class in cooking the Banjica, meeting with representatives of the Bulgarian societies from Kherson, Odessa, Kirovograd, Pervomaisk and S. Slivino the Nikolaev area, greeting of guests, incendiary Bulgarian dances, as well as the competition-tasting of the different types of Banjica is what awaited those who have come today to the feast.

And even traditional greetings for New year and Christmas and the ancient ritual of the boys as, Bulgarian, traditional and modern Bulgarian songs and melodies, national costumes and typical Bulgarian decoration of the house, and of course, tasting the “Queen” of the Bulgarian national cuisine – the Banjica. All this caring helped the audience to get acquainted with the Bulgarian culture and customs, for a few hours transported into this region and to soak up the atmosphere and melody. And Bulgarians who came to the feast, to become closer, dearer to each other.

To congratulate the Bulgarian community Ternovka arrived Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Odessa Stojan Herceptin, and also the President of all-Ukrainian Assembly of Bulgarians of Ukraine, chief editor of the cultural-educational Bulletin “Roden Krai” Dora Kostova, head of Kirovograd Bulgarian Association “Nashite choir” Sergey Osadchy and representatives of the company, the Chairman of the Kherson Bulgarian center “Bulgarians Kherson” Yuri Policew together with the representatives of the centre, the Chairperson may day Bulgarian youth Alliance “Drugari” Natalia Klimenko, the family of Jakovich from S. Slivino the Nikolaev area, etc.

As well as representatives of local authorities: the first Deputy of the mayor Yury Andriyenko, head of Department of culture and protection of cultural heritage Zavorotnyaya, the head of administration of the Central district Vladimir Ryzhik, chief specialist of the Department of culture, nationalities and religions of the Nikolaev regional state administration Tatiana Pilipchuk, as well as Deputy Chairman of the Council of national societies of the Nikolaev area Lolita Camarata, etc. Went on holiday and the Peace Corps volunteer from the USA Jannet Sanchez, who noted that participation in this festival for it is a very good cultural experience that gives you the opportunity to meet people, learn more about their life and culture, to try national dishes.

It remains to add that the feast was prepared by the Bulgarian cultural-educational center “Ternovka” (Chairman Anatol Valco) and team Ternovsky house of culture (Director Lidiya Kravchenko, awarded the 2013 regional award as the best worker of culture in the category “Promotion of culture of national minorities”).

Invaluable assistance in its preparation was provided by the library-branch № 16 and its Director Maria Khlybova, Sergei Georgiev, born in Ternovka, now living in Kiev, chernousenko Tatiana Zhorov and Anna Parnac that opened all the subtleties of making the Banjica. As well as collectives and soloists Ternovsky house of culture: ensembles “Good” and “Cowlicky”, Victoria Yani, members and activists of the center “Ternovka” (Elena Vasilieva and many other concerned ternovan). A special touch to your celebration also gave the ensemble “Kamchik” from S. Zorya Sarata district of Odessa region, which showed the audience the Bulgarian dances from different ethnographic regions of the country.