Main festivals and holidays of November in Ukraine
  The festival is held for 9 years. In 2012 it is a reconstruction of one of the battles for the liberation of Kiev in November 1943. In the "battle"…

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Cultural events of the Autumn in Lviv
  This year in Lviv cancelled or postponed most holidays and festivals in connection with the difficult situation in the country. But Lviv is not going to give up completely…

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The Most unusual cities in the world


Source translation for mixstuff – Xenia Gusakova

I assume that you live in an unusual city? Looking at our selection, you will most likely dramatically change your point of view.

Setenil de Las Bodegas, Cadiz, Spain

Starts our list of the most common of unusual cities, Setenil de Las Bodegas, which according to historians was developed from Moorish town near the river Rio the Trejo. This cute Patriarchal town is unique in that half-embedded in the cliff-side and half is on its top. Despite its small size, it attracts quite a large number of tourists, and specializes in the cultivation of various Mediterranean crops.

Roswell, new Mexico, USA

A small town in the state of new Mexico, also sometimes called “city of the UFO”. Local residents claim that unidentified flying objects are landing here since the forties, moreover, the city seems to be built around this phenomenon.

SIEVE. Innovative Ghost town, new Mexico, USA

This town was established as a pilot test site of the Center for innovation, testing and evaluation (Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation). There are no residents, the city’s infrastructure is only used to check security systems, innovations in water supply and other innovative urban planning ideas.

Ren-Le-Chateau, France

This small French village located on a hilltop, famous for its mysterious history: hidden treasure, murder mystery, rituals and ordinances lurking in the depths of the history of Christianity. This was the inspiration for Dan brown, who wrote a very controversial book called “da Vinci Code”

Centralia (Centralia), Pennsylvania, USA

This mining town in Pennsylvania has earned a global reputation that is perhaps the most dangerous place to live. Apart from the fact that for decades there was raging fire, you can cope with fire and failed, there is an even more serious danger – sinkholes. Residents were asked to leave the city, when in the eighties the little boy fell into one of those craters in your yard. However, despite all these “charms”, about a dozen old-timers still remain loyal to their homeland.

The Federation Of Damanhur, Italy

In Northern Italy there is something like an underground city, built as a dream come true radical humanists many years ago. They say the Damanhur – it is a collective dream transformed into reality. Currently the town basks in well-deserved glory, thanks to the excellent underground temples, extraordinary ideas and ecologically sound home.

Monowi, Nebraska, USA

In Nebraska American nestles the little town in which resides… one person! The already small population gradually died out or left, but one woman remains in Monowi still. She holds a bar and a public library for tourists, coping with his business without help.

Lily Dale, new York, USA

There is a special place for those who feel your connection with the spirits and other otherworldly substances, and this place called Lily Dale, new York. The town is inhabited by mediums of all sorts. Come here for all kinds of transport of the crowd wishing to communicate with members of the underworld. For them enterprising mediums even keep affordable housing and provide the necessary services.

Town for retirees of The Villages, FL, USA

Town on the Thames, China

Coober Pedy, Australia

Supilinn, Estonia

Tiny and very quiet town in Estonia lives, that is, their simple life. Take a look at small houses, deprived of all signs of modern architecture, on streets named after vegetables. Anyone came here immediately understand why this place received the name, which translates as “soup-town”.

Elista, Russia

The majority of travellers, this city is known as “Chess City”, chess city. The architect was obviously possessed a great game and brought the chess theme in the appearance of the whole city. In the Central square even built a giant chess Board.

Maharishi Vedic city, Iowa, USA

After reading the title, many will assume that this town is somewhere in South Asia, while its location – center farmers of Iowa. It is a quiet place received its name in honor of the founder of the Indian doctrine of transcendental meditation.

Battleship island-battleship, Japan

This island belonging to Japan, his whole appearance resembles a warship. For many years he was unsettled, however, always aroused curiosity among people who love to peer into the horizon. Now this eerie island was abandoned, however it is open for lovers of extreme tourism.

The city is Hell (Hell), Michgan, USA

This little town in Michigan is struggling to live up to its name (in a good way, if permissible so to speak). Here there are numerous restaurants and attractions, filled with the “horrors” and all sorts of devilry. It is easy to guess that the favorite holiday in this Hell-town – Halloween.

Gibsonton, Florida, USA

Once just a popular place for entertainment and a well deserved rest retired circus performers, Gibsonton has gradually become a place of permanent residence for many people who worked in the circus industry. The pride of this town are several unique exhibitions and museums, designed in a carnival and circus style

Mans – The city scavengers, Egypt

Gnome village, China