All-Ukrainian Festival of the CATCH
We received the long-awaited autumn, and with it the next, long-awaited Ukrainian Festival To each of our Festival we add something new and this time did not miss the point.…

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Main festivals and holidays of November in Ukraine
  The festival is held for 9 years. In 2012 it is a reconstruction of one of the battles for the liberation of Kiev in November 1943. In the "battle"…

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20 the largest festivals and carnivals of the world


Once a year in some parts of the world come special days – bright, magical, and slightly crazy carnivals. Some, such as Brazilian carnival or the Spanish running of the bulls is well known to all; but you could never hear. And if you like «to party”, we bring to your attention the 20 most inimitable and large-scale festivals from around the world.

February 28 – March 4

Like Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the Carnival in Venice, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – it’s a party in non-stop mode, only in the Brazilian style, which is a seemingly endless parade of Samba and colorful costumes.

The second half of September to the first weekend in October

Despite the fact that there are different, smaller-scale analogues of Fes tiwala around the world, Munich’s traditional event is the largest beer festival in the world. In 2013, beer was sold for more than $96,178,668.

5 January – 5 February

Harbin international festival is the largest event of snow and ice in the world, where you can see a snow sculpture, height 3 meters, and building life-size, made of giant ice blocks.

4. Holi is the festival which is celebrated by Hindus around the world

Holi, also known as the Festival of colors, marks the end of winter and beginning of spring. A holiday filled with unbridled joy and freedom. Just don’t forget to bring your paint.

5. Casimiro – Base, Spain

Every year, hundreds of Spaniards smeared with a special oil to cast the abduction of the statue of the blessed virgin, which occurred 500 years ago. After everything is coated in oil, starts extraordinary in its scale representation.

February 14 – March 4

Carnevale, or Carnival is a traditional event held in Venice from the 13th century. People from everywhere flocked to Italy to participate in a costume view is probably one of the most spectacular on the planet.

The last Tuesday of January

It is the largest fire Viking festival in Europe, culminating in becoming the burning of a real Viking ship. Why are the words – better to see once than hear a hundred times.

We present to your attention the world’s largest electronic music festival. Every year 100.000 of thousands of tourists flock to Belgium to dance all day and night.

The Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, 4th March

In a sense, the reputation of this festival speaks for itself – if you want to light like last time live on Earth, then you are welcome in New Orleans.

The last Wednesday of August

This is crazy as it may seem at first glance, the festival is held every year purely for fun, meaning, this festival is not associated with any ancient traditions. In 1945, a few locals just started throwing fruits and vegetables – from this moment on, the tradition of “tomato” battle came into force.

October 5 – October 13

This is the largest balloon festival which is held in the city of Albuquerque.

If you want to see how hundreds of men rush in pursuit of a cheese head, rolling up the side of the mountain, then you’re in luck – not only can you marvel at this spectacle, but also to participate in Superchildren cheese races.

11 April – 20 April

Every year this festival is attended by a huge number of stars, including the biggest celebrities of Hollywood. In addition, you can pitch a tent and camp in the desert.

This festival is held in all saints Day and is dedicated to the memory of the dead. Colorful parade of costumes and local culture, offers came to him. Such Mexican festivals are held around the world, but some of the largest festivals take place in Mexico and Los Angeles.

Let’s be honest: who among us does not like to watch people pretend to be fools? The running of the bulls – the time-tested tradition, which guarantees you an adrenaline rush – it doesn’t matter, you the viewer or participant.

13 April – 15 April

This water battles you have always dreamed of. So prepare your water pistols, balloons and water bottles, and go to Taiwan to take part in a wet and wild adventure.

August 25 – September 1

It is an event where people are exempt from all of the conventions imposed by society. If you are tired of everyday routine and hang out 8 days on end, then you direct road in the Nevada desert.

Covered in olive oil brave guys find out who is stronger – that is, it seems, and everything that represents this event.

Look at the way the sky lit with thousands of lights during the largest festival of sky lanterns. If you are looking for a little magic, there is nothing more fantastic than the sky, glittering with thousands of floating lanterns.

In addition to great music, the festival offers you overcome mud puddles while you are with friends camping. Glastonbury – dirty, deafening and unbridled festival like this, and what should be any rock concert.