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In Blagoveshchensk, a festival of theatre and cinema Amur autumn
  The eight-hour flight — and white liner from Moscow landed at the airport of Blagoveshchensk. On Board – a solid celebrity. In town for the twelfth time in the…

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Cyprus inform – Festivals in Cyprus in September


September in Cyprus is the period of harvest. But it is time to “harvest” festivals. If you arrive on the island in September, be sure to take part in one of the many fun-filled activities . you can celebrate with the inhabitants of the island. After all Cypriots, like no other, able to enjoy life, despite all the crises and hardships.

The wine festival in Limassol

The most famous wine festival 2014 takes place from 28 August to 7 September. During this period, every evening, starting at 7 o’clock, at the Municipal Park of Limassol festive events dedicated to winemaking. Large winemakers bring their products for tasting . and festival guests have the opportunity not only to participate in the traditional pressure of the grapes with their feet, but also to listen to songs, watch performances of creative collectives of Cyprus and to try the best wines in Cyprus.

Entrance to the festival costs € 6 per adult, including a bottle of wine. Around the city also hosts events during the festival. For example, this year on Saturday ( 30 August) will be a parade of vintage cars .

From Nicosia . Larnaca and Paphos in the period of the festival is to deliver guests to Limassol. However, if you want to try the most interesting wines from small wineries, you had better visit another – although less known to the public, but no less popular among specialists – wine festival….

Afamia in Cyprus

The festival of wine and grapes Afamia is held in late September in the village of Kilani . which is a half hour drive from Limassol. The festival is considered the second in importance after Limassol, but knowledgeable people prefer to visit it.

A small village of Kilani (it is home to only about 300 inhabitants) is one of the wine centres of Cyprus is very rich and there are several well-known wineries, including Ayia Mavri, Vardalis, Erimoudes and others whose products have repeatedly been awarded as Cypriot and international awards.

In Kilani is to come and just to wander through the narrow streets, admire the traditional houses with red tiles, dine in the cosy taverns . But the festival is a very special time. By the end of September there comes a time of rest for local winemakers: they already work hard for several months, collecting the harvest, making wine and almost hourly testing in processing the juice, which subsequently will make the best Cypriot wine . Now they can relax after stressful days, eat traditional suvla and sweets, drinking their wine and discussing crops with friends.

This festival is a special one: it is carried out not in one place and completely covers the entire village. In the narrow streets exhibit their goods to local farmers . Here you’ll find everything related to grapes ( suzuko, Palouse, grape jelly . sliced a neat rhombs), and, of course, local wine and zivania. They say that the prices during the holiday is much lower than in stores, but for this you will need to learn at least some portion of Greek words . to speak with sellers.

A day of celebration in the village open the doors of all the wineries, art studios, churches and museums . Everyone is welcome to come and see how hardworking hands made these handmade masterpieces.

Ice cream festival in Nicosia

Nicosia festival – this, of course, a feast for all gourmets! In 2014 the festival is held in the first week of September and organized major Cypriot company “Papaphilippou”, producing a cold treat. According to different versions, ice cream was first brought to Cyprus between 1922 and 1933. The company provides innovative developments . in particular in 2011 she was awarded for the creation of the first in Europe and on the island of ice cream, lactose free.

Arts festival Kypria

International festival of arts held in Cyprus since the early 90-ies. The purpose of the event is to give locals and visitors the opportunity to enjoy cultural program, including a variety of performances, including at the highest level.

The festival is held under the auspices of the Ministry of education and culture of Cyprus, which every year seeks to submit an event in a new way, to emphasize its modern character, to update its image and offer the audience new concepts and approaches to its organization and conduct.

Every year come to the island’s best dancers, artists and actors, who through their skill convey to the guests the high art.

The festival events are held in all cities – Nicosia, Paphos, Larnaca and Limassol.


All the festivals . held in September in Cyprus, is absolutely unique . almost finished the tourist season, harvested, local residents are ready to relax and participate in various activities. At this time you can immerse yourself in the traditional world of and appreciate the national culture of the Cypriots. Especially pay attention to the small holidays in villages, for example, the manufacturing Palouse and sugyos, or go on a winery where you will see all the details of the process of making wine. But there is still other autumn months when Cyprus will prepare zivania, collect and olives to press olive oil . But with these events we have yet to meet. And while we enjoy the gifts of the first autumn month!