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Top 10 Belarusian festivals this summer

Took almost a third of the summer, but hurricane festival in Belarus will fall just a few days. Euroradio 10 most interesting offers Belarusian festivals that are worth a visit for lovers of good music and relax.

To start the summer Belarusian festivals, oddly enough, will be at the club, with the feast of Kupala festival “Kupalskae Cola”. On June 27 for 8 hours at the club Re: Public will speak Belarusian, Ukrainian and Polish teams that combine in his works, folklore, medieval and modern musical trends: Pawa, Znich, Litvintroll, “Veremiy”, Percival Schuttenbach, “Thirteenth tambourine”, “Shade of the sun” and others.


June 28-29 will be held in Grodno famous jazz festival “Grodno Jazz 2014” . Speakers — Belarusian and Polish artists: trio Eugenia Flier, Piotr Baron Qvintet, Orchestra in/HR 5522, Peter Klyuev & City Jazz Qvartet, Barilazz band, Malgorzata Wyrwicz, Apple tea, big Band Grodno Philharmonic and others. The festival will take place on the territory of New castle.

“Grodno Jazz”

Continue hot festival marathon “the Bridge”, a large-scale open-air, which this year will celebrate only its second birthday. But again is going to please the Belarusians cool headliner, British band Kasabian . and steep the participants, among whom Guano Apes . “Leningrad “, Stigmata . “Give way! “That Akut and others. “The bridge” will be held July 3-4 at the airport “upland” near Minsk. On the territory of the festival will sell food and hopefully beer, like last year.

“The bridge”

The day after “Bridge”, July 5, in the village of Chablis in the Volozhin district will be held no less famous festival of new ethno ” Volnae of Pavitra “. This year’s festival in Midsummer, so, in fact, will encompass all the attributes of the holiday. It will look something like this: in the afternoon on the big stage will feature the Belarusian group ” Trace “, ” Stary Olsa “, ” Alcove “, Vuraj i Pafnutiy”s Dreams . But in 23 hours in the valley of the river Bojanka, flowing past the farm, you will be one after another to light up bonfires, sung songs, hobnob dances and embark wreaths. In Sablah you can pitch a tent and spend the night. And in the morning to do yoga.

“Volnae of Pavitra”

On 18 July on the Island of love in the Minsk sea will be one of the main Belarusian festivals of electronic music ” our Space “. The event, as 10 years ago, gathers the best representatives of the world of electronic music. This year will come to us Germans Oliver Koletzki & Fran, Timo Maas . the British Goldie &MC GQ . and Belarusians Horse, Yarik and Nerv . Beginning at 21:00.

“Space out!”

18-19 July in the Polish Town for the 25th time to host the legendary festival of young Belarusian music ” Basowiszcza-2014 “. The anniversary festival will come to celebrate the masters of the Belarusian rock Krama, Neuro Dubel . Liavon Volski and ethno-trio ” Troitsa “, the regulars of the forum IQ48 . :B:N: . Minskers Re1ikt and ” Clwsc “, Mogilev Nizkiz i Polish group Warsaw Balkan Madness and RUTA . The holiday festival will be held without a traditional contest of young groups. And it is not known yet, fans will be able Belarusian rock to get a visa.

On 26 July on the island in the Komsomolsk lake will host art picnic Freaky Summer Party . The holiday has already decided on the headline — this will be Debruit . Jon Kennedy and Cheese People . As for the art-picnic and other activities, but this year it will be even more than in the past. Added extreme games: there are plans to install a skate Park, to utilize the second Bank of the lake, to arrange a ride on the Wake boards. Planned market and offer a lot of food (drink — no, because the soft picnic).


1-2 August, the village of Chablis will be the location of the new festival “Friendship” . Our main mission organizers modestly believe “to gather good people together and have a good time in a friendly atmosphere”. Hence, they say, and the name of the festival. Two days on the main stage will the Russians Dolphin . “Nogu Svelo “, Animal Jazz . the representative of Ukraine Serhiy Babkin and Belarusians ” Silver Wedding “, ” Without a Ticket “, Akute . Botanic Project . “Loop Addictions “, ” Cassiopeia “, Navi . Sounduk . :B:N: . Harotnica and others.

August 8 in the Mir castle was first held mysterious festival ” Mirum “. Today we know that to play jazz. And that will be playing there the Minsk team Tanin Jazz and Georgian star Nino Katamadze . Soon, hopefully, information about the forum will be more. Stay tuned for news on ERB!

9-10 August in the village of Czechowice, near Mogilev, an annual open-air-festival ” the Eighth ward.” In it will participate Mogilev team ” Avangardscho “, ” Sharpening “, Bez.Not . 3T.ON . Ukrainians Epolets . and hedlajnerami will be Akute i ” Give Way! “. The organizers, in addition to music, promise an interesting entertainment program, place for tents and good food. Those who will gather at “the Eighth ward” without a car, drive to Cicavica special bus from Mogilev.