Scenario summer holiday — "Hello summer naughty, Hello sunshine gold"
  Position: instructor in physical education Place of work: MUNICIPAL budget preschool educational institution KINDERGARTEN № 50 "SPARK" Location: Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia Children come to the Playground for a…

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The Most unusual cities in the world
  Source translation for mixstuff – Xenia Gusakova I assume that you live in an unusual city? Looking at our selection, you will most likely dramatically change your point of…

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Space 6 of the most colorful carnivals of the world


A typical feature of the Cologne carnival is a political satire. Goes to everyone: Obama, Berlusconi and, of course, Putin.

In Cologne severely kidding about the policies that are to nice invite gays to Las Palmas all the same “bury” sardine, and in Venice and Rio de Janeiro once again preparing for large-scale festivities. What is the carnival of the world you visit in February?

Brazilian Carnival

Where: Rio dejaneiro, Brazil

When: March 5-8

Features: Samba, Afro-American music, free condoms

The feast of Eros and generous Orgy – one of the Central events of world entertainment. The world famous parade in the Sambodrome includes a huge platform installations with the participation of dancers, figures from papier-mache, drum music. Like Venice, to Carnaval in Rio is loved by celebrities – last year Madonna partied in the company of a younger boyfriend Jesus Luz (then she came to Brazil to meet his mother) and Eugene Gudz, and Gerard Butler. Despite the alarming reports that in Samba city is lit carnival props, the authorities in Rio confirm – the carnival will be held on their own.

Where: Venice, Italy

When: 26 February-8 March

Features: the hymn written by Pierre Cardin in 1996, closed fancy-dress balls at the Palazzo

The oldest and most aristocratic carnival. In addition to traditional street processions, in every Palazzo to the city, painted with frescoes and filled with antique furniture, are the fancy-dress balls and receptions, and hiding behind masks of famous people from around the world . This year the theme of the carnival – the unification of Italy, as well as “Women” – the carnival ends on international women’s day. In honor of opening and closing of the carnival will be arranged festive boat parade. March 8 will be held regatta rowing boats along the Grand canal, which on such a solemn occasion will be lit only by candles. In the framework of the Venice carnival is held annually and is one of the most famous balls of the world – the Doge Ball .

Where: New Orleans, USA

When: March 8

Features: jazz, “catching beads”

Comparative young – all with protereotita history – the carnival, brought to New Orleans by the French. In a street procession, instead of drums, playing jazz orchestras. Usually begins in January, but the main action is going on here in the last day – this year on March 8. During the procession parade participants throw in the audience small coins, beads and other Souvenirs, catch which is considered a big success. In the French quarter, on Bourbon Street, is the “bare” part of the carnival, when ladies in order to attract the attention of the thrower, massively bare chest . But experts recommend not to get carried away by the sight of naked Breasts in the French quarter, and to see the bright and enchanting procession in the Garden District and St. Charles Avenue.

Carnaval De Nice

Where: Nice, France

When: February 18-March 8

Features: floral show “Flower parade”, the gay parade

This year nice authorities announced the attraction to the city as tourists the maximum number of gays and lesbians . creating for them the necessary atmosphere. In the framework of the carnival will be arranged pink parade, a festival of gay cinema and other “rainbow” initiatives . Traditionally Central to the culmination of the procession is a Parade of flowers – Grand floral show, during which past spectators walk a couple dozen platforms, decorated with fresh flowers. Social life of nice does not stop – during carnival, it is customary to arrange private parties-masquerades . The theme of the carnival this year – the Mediterranean, its history, geography and ecology.

Carnaval Grand Canaria

Where: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain

When: February 15-March 6

Features: the ceremony of the burial of the sardine, the choice of the Queen

Traditional street procession during the carnival in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria), is called Gran Cabalgata (the Great Cavalcade) and falls on the last day of the festivities. The Central event of the carnival was the election of the Carnival Queen – it’s a whole production with special effects and dancing. This year the Queen will choose 25 February, Queen Drag Queen (male) – 4 March. March 6 will be a Great Cavalcade, which will be held after the Ceremony of the burial of the sardine . that symbolizes the end of the holiday and the beginning of lent.

Cologne Carnival

Where: Cologne, Germany

In the oldest city in Germany carnival time referred to as “the Fifth season” – during the main festivities of the city life about fun. The culminating day of the festival starts in the so-called “women’s Thursday” – Altweibersommer. On this day ladies fun and, armed with scissors, cut off the oncoming ties for men. The main day of the carnival – Rosenmontag – occurs on Monday, after several days of moderate fun. A typical feature of the Cologne carnival is a political satire. At about the time of the procession platforms with figures from papier-mache goes to local and international politicians: Obama, Berlusconi and, of course, Putin. Jokes do is more sweet candies and flowers, which showered the audience.