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In Blagoveshchensk, a festival of theatre and cinema Amur autumn


The eight-hour flight — and white liner from Moscow landed at the airport of Blagoveshchensk. On Board – a solid celebrity. In town for the twelfth time in the festival of cinema and theatre Amur autumn .

“I don’t know, the night in Moscow or day. I am in a sort of coma, collect yourself literally in pieces”, ” complained on arrival Grigoriy Antipenko . Off the plane he went down with Tatyana Arntgolts . The actors, the novel which for several months has been actively discussed in the press, immediately got under a sight of the cameras. However, Grigory and Tatyana tried not to give cause for gossip and deliberately settled on different floors of the hotel. And during walks together explained to the curious that their relationship is purely friendly, but have to talk to them about it: they play together in the play Two for the seesaw .

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But Elena’s Property at first did not recognize neither the journalists nor the staff. But this does not upset. Last year the actress is incredibly rejuvenated. Colleagues joked: Proklova as an avid michurinist brought in his garden a new variety of apples — rejuvenating.

Noted all and excellent form of Irina Alferova . that flew to the far East to play a show with Ivar was composed by Imants kalniņš .

Maxim Averin happily demonstrated to others toothy smile, especially noticeable on tanned face.

— Tan brought from Montenegro. Vacationing with friends where no one had gone before it, there are still hidden places, ” boasted actor. — I — marine soul, I love the sea, and in Montenegro it is wonderful. To the far East actor arrived not only to be creative in the evening in front of fans, but also to try Chinese food in the border city of Blagoveshchensk this can be done without problems.

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In addition, the organizers of the Amur autumn will certainly organise a festival trip to China. Longtime fans of this power was and Nikolay Karachentsov with his wife Lyudmyla Parginos .

“a Year ago we flew to China for treatment, and Oriental medicine has helped us a lot, — said Ludmila Andreevna . — In October, Kohl’s will celebrate 70 years of age, and need to be in shape. We have plans to try the new local medicine – treatment of poisons. This is a course of injections, operating on the principle of Botox: relieve tension in the muscles.”

Actor and Director Alexander Mokhov in a free festival from load time to give the soul of the counters, tables full of plenty of red caviar. “I Love it! For this delicacy, I was addicted in the army — shared Alexander . — Served in the Khabarovsk territory, and in part may not be meat or vegetables, but the caviar and salmon were always in abundance” .

The star of the show always say Always Tatiana Abramova food markets avoided. Her more interested in the jewellery quarter shops. “Buy unique jewelry — my weakness, — said Tatiana. — Husband knows it and sometimes asks me to take him shopping. Notices any rings or earrings I particularly liked, and then secretly buys them and gives surprise”.

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Yuri Belyaev and Tatiana Abramova were married in may of this year, and in June were married. But in Blagoveshchensk national artist could not come, so the wife had to pamper myself.

Shopping was fascinated and Vyacheslav Manucharov . The taxi driver immediately asked him to go shopping at the Chinese market — there, they say, a true Adidas and for only 500 rubles! Here’s the only actor on the collapse did not choose, and he went looking for the company store.

But Natalia Krachkovsky exactly the Chinese have found what was looking for. “for Several years I wanted to buy boots-boots. But in Europe it is impossible: there is not a full sew on the legs. But the Chinese know perfectly well what he wants a real woman! — joked Natalia Leonidovna . – Now I have a fancy new dress for autumn”.

And Natalia Bochkareva killed a statement that is going to get home in Venice. However, while the local… “In Blagoveshchensk begins construction of residential complex — copies of Piazza San Marco, — shared awareness actress. — It will be a luxury residential quarter. Maybe I shall buy a flat “Venice” with views of China!”