Festival the Forge of happiness
  We invite You to the most striking and unusual festival this fall, "the Forge of happiness"! On 10 and 11 September 2011 . from 10.00 to 19.00, in the…

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Pagan holidays in July
Deliver me from the predatory hands and from foreign peoples power. Their speech is full of vanity, scourge. Hand them leads us bow! — these words still Lomonosov, more relevant…

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Scenario summer holiday — “Hello summer naughty, Hello sunshine gold”


Position: instructor in physical education

Place of work: MUNICIPAL budget preschool educational institution KINDERGARTEN № 50 “SPARK”

Location: Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia

Children come to the Playground for a fun music and become a semi-circle.

The music goes to court in a floral dress with two assistants (of children) the Summer Fairy

— Hello kids! I’m A Fairy Of Summer. And this my friends. Today I bring you a summer festival, a celebration of the sun, the festival of light!

1st child: Hello summer, Hello summer!

summer came to us!

(all together) It’s very good!

But let’s play a game » What is our summer?”

Fairy: Raspberries and cranberries?

Fairy: maybe a warm breeze?

Fairy: maybe velvet flower?

Fairy: Summer is when the day is warm? and from the bright light colors?

-Here is our summer!

To learn more about the summer let’s start the dance. The sun, the sun is brighter grey, the holiday will be fun! Children, let’s all together say that the sun heard us and in our city of Norilsk has become warmer.

Children: the Sun, the sun is brighter grey, the holiday will be fun!

Children dance the dance of “Here is our summer”

After the dance, the children go to their seats.

After the song runs doctor Aibolit . 1

Veterinarian: Children who are sick?

Fairy: Hello, good doctor Aibolit! Thank you for your concern, but we have no patients!

The doctor: can’t be! I should check it out! (opens his briefcase and pulls out the thermometer begins to examine children)

— Who’s got the stomach ache!

— Do you have dirty girls, and boys?

— Soap you afraid of? (kids didn’t.) And wash hands? (children-Yes.)

— Exercises in the morning doing?

Fairy All happy and healthy ready to charge? (children-yeah!)

Children: Because we are not lazy, do gymnastics every day!

(rhythmic gymnastics) Assistants Fairies show movement, children repeat.

The Doctor: Well Done! Now I know what exercises you are doing all well. And I can go back to the hospital to their bunnies and foxes.

F: Guys do you hear? I think someone’s in a hurry to visit us.

The site goes Baba Yaga.

B. I: I am Baba Yaga bony leg, the stove stoked, cooked porridge, and then says, my foot hurts!

B. I: I’m here flew right by and the children I saw. What is the holiday without me, I decided to celebrate the kids?

F: Guys let’s say B. Y. what holiday we meet!

Children: We meet a summer festival, a celebration of the sun, the festival of light! And you B. Y. go.

B. I: you will Not leave until the children play my favorite game: “Baba Yaga bony leg”

(the game is played with B. Y.) B. I: well Done! I wish you kids have a good rest in the summer, mom dad to listen to (she sits on her broom and flies away)

Goes Never-Smiling Tsarevna.

Princess: Oh, cold, cold…

(assistants fairies throw blanket) 2

C: Oh, it’s hot, I’m hot…

(helpers get your blanket) and so on 2 times.

F: Princess, what are you crying?

C: I’m Bored.

F. And we let C describe poems about summer.

The children knew about the flowers very cute see especially. And it’s about about it, listen to our summer.


1 child: Hello long-awaited summer! The sun, the river and the sand!

How much sun, how much light. How green everywhere!

What is it? It’s summer! Finally coming home!

2 child: How many delicious sweet berries, the glade in the forest. Here I hope for a year, vitamins stock.

3 child: Naseaus plenty in the river, plenty’m going to sunbathe. And on my grandmother’s stove, as much as you want, I’ll sleep!

4 child: How the sun, so much light! How beautiful is the summer heat. I wish to do so, that summer, was a year with me.

The song “smile”

C: Thank you children, I was warm and fun, up to date.( out)

Runs A Hobgoblin.

Kikimora: Hello kids! I heard that today in kindergarten celebrate summer and the sun. I also want to participate in your event.

F. Hello dummy, and you’ll behave?

F: Well, good for you. When summer time, all day, we play. Kikimora we just want to play on, and what children we learn sports! Play a game with us?

K: Yes, but what game will we play?

F: And the game is called “Who will quicker take flower” 3

Game description:

7-9 flowers to put in a circle on the ground (possible). Playing on more than one flowers 8-10.(more) the music, the children go (dancing) in a circle. And when the music suddenly stops, the children must pick up a flower. He who does not have time to take a flower out of the game, and out of the circle cut a flower, etc. (Kikimora plays with the children) the Game is repeated several times.

K: I liked the game. Well done children, you are quick brave, clever. But I have in my tale we have lunch there soon, need to catch, bye!

(Kikimora runs away to the music)

F: Summer, summer, lots of light. Lots of sunlight! Sunbathe, akalaitis, physical exercise, and now my friends… disco!


F: Ends our happy holiday dedicated to the sun and summer. And now gifts. Here is my basket, somewhere (there is a basket with chocolates, Fairy takes and displays the contents children)

F: Will be in a group feast (gives chocolates to the teachers) well, we’re going home, bye kids! (Fairy goes away, but the children continue to walk.)