TThe festival of poetry "Autumn in Ursule"
  October 5 in Kotovsk at the regional festival of Amateur poets ’s Autumn in Ursule" traditionally gathered writers of almost all the districts of Odessa region. Berzonsky competition brings…

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The Rating of the famous carnival
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XIV Open festival of poetry and music “Rubtsovsk autumn”


From 13 to 21 September 2011 in Vologda will host the XIV Open festival of poetry and music “Rubtsovsk autumn”, the final cycle of jubilee events dedicated to the 75th anniversary since the birth of poet Nikolay Rubtsov.

The founders and organizers of the festival are the government of the Vologda oblast Department of culture and protection of objects of cultural heritage of the Vologda area, the city Administration of Vologda, STRC “Tennessee”.

Festival poster includes a concert and a musical program with the participation of Vologda residents and guests of Vologda region, poetry festivals, meetings of the friends of the poet in the branch of the Vologda Museum-reserve ’s Literature. Art. Twentieth century”, summarizing creative Rubtsovsk competitions, presentations of books and almanacs, showcase new films and performances

In the framework of the project «Golden names of Russia” for the anniversary of the poet on behalf of the Governor, V. E. Pozgalev jubilee media project «Nikolai Rubtsov. Road…”, which includes three components:-book, videoking memories of the poet, the audioplay performed by people’s artist of Russia Boris Plotnikov.

The presentation of the multimedia project will be held during the XIV festival of poetry and music “Rubtsovsk autumn”: September 13 – at 18.30 in the Chamber theatre of Cherepovets and September 14 – at 18.00 in the building of the Vologda regional state Philharmonic society of a name of Valery Gavrilin.

15 September at 11.00 in the conference hall GTRK Vologda will host a press conference with participation of representatives of Rubtsovsk centers in the country, the Director of the Museum of Nikolai Rubtsov Moscow Olga Anashkina; daughter of poet Helen Scar; famous actor’s Studio theater Oleg Tabakov, people’s artist of Russia Viktor Nikitin and organizer Rubtsovsk holidays in the city of Kirov Nicholas pasinkova.

16 September from 14.00 to 17.00 at the monument to Nikolay Rubtsov on Sovetsky prospect will be a traditional poetic celebration “Rubtsovsk autumn”. In the framework of the “Open MIC” everyone will be able to read your favorite works of Nikolai Rubtsov.

17 September at 15.00 in the Consistorial yard of the Vologda Kremlin will host the final gala concert of the festival. Appears he performance of the youth orchestra under the baton of Gregory Khin and music program “Eternal hour farewell” performed by soloists of the Philharmonic meeting Cherepovets Galina Lomakina Tatyana Dernovoy and Elena Kuzmina. On the stage of the Consistorial yard will also laureate of international and all-Russian competitions singer Sergey Zykov (St. Petersburg), the authors of the albums songs and cycles on the poems of Nikolai Rubtsov: Valery czeczot, Alexander Gusev, Ludmila Garni (St. Petersburg, Russia); Alexander Ivanov, Vladislav Kiriyenko, Alexander Danilov (Moscow), the Duo ’s Face” (Kirov), Vologda academic Capella choir, orchestra of Russian folk instruments under the baton of Alexander Makarov, the Club of author’s song “Revelation” GDK Vologda, Studio art song “Trust” (G. Falcon), children’s pop Studio «Tchudetstvo”, honored worker of culture, the author first CD of songs based on poems Rubtsova in Vologda Yuri Belyaev, and famous musicians: Leonid Minaev, Sergey Demin, Viktor Kuznetsov, Alexander Koloti, Constantine Pies, Anna Malinovskaya, Vladimir Sergeev, Sergey Naumoski and others.

One of the main events of the festival will be a concert tour by the Vologda region of the people’s artist of Russia, composer Alexander Morozov. In the period from 18 to 21 September 2011 concert program of songs based on poems of Nikolai Rubtsov will be presented in Vologda, Cherepovets, Veliky Ustyug, Totma and Nikolskoye village, Totma district, where he spent his childhood Nicholas Mikhailovich.

During the festival, 16-17 September 2011, will be visiting the Secretariat of the all-Russian public organization “the Union of writers of Russia”, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Vologda regional branch of the Union and the 75th anniversary of the birthday of the poet. In the plenary session will be attended by about 70 writers, poets, literary critics, including members of the Board of the Union of writers of Russia Valery Ganichev, Stanislav Kunyaev, Gennady Ivanov and others. 16 September at 17.00 in the Vologda regional library named after V. I. Babushkin, will start a big poetry festival with the participation of members of the Secretariat of the all-Russian public organization “the Union of writers of Russia”, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Vologda regional branch of the Union.

Traditionally the festival programme “Rubtsovsk autumn” included III regional recitation contest “For all the good pay good” among the inmates of orphanages and boarding schools of the region. The winners will be invited to participate in the festival.

It is expected that in the events of “Rubtsovsk autumn” will be attended by over a thousand people. This troupe – fans Rubtsova, and representatives of Rubtsovsk centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Bryansk, Saratov, Kirov, singers and artists, writers, cultural figures, musical and theatrical groups.