World events March: art and culture of the peoples of the world
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Unusual carnivals
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Unusual holidays for children


At least once a month during your holiday you can think of and organize your special family holiday . Like this that’s not in the calendar. You’ll see — in the child’s eyes will sparkle joy! Each of us has the weekend. But why we should devote their cleaning the apartment, cooking or washing? Let’s at least once a month for a unique family holiday . which will bring joy to the children (because they are so lacking parental attention!), to develop creative abilities of children, and to unite and strengthen the family. We are always busy, we are always in a hurry. But to see the joy in the eyes of a child is worth a lot. And though the idea of an unusual family holidays will require extra costs, in particular costs of our imagination and time. soon it will be clear how this is entertaining and interesting.

So, let’s begin. First a few tips, and then about the holidays.

Unusual holidays for kids – tips:

1. Depending on the age of the child needs to decide if he should know about the upcoming holiday. He may even be able to help in the preparation of the celebration will be even more valuable in his eyes.

2. If the child is school age, you can give him a task to draw a calendar for the upcoming month (and as always, at the end of the month to do the next). Help him to reflect in the calendar all family celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries family (married parents meeting day. ) and other, not less important: Christmas, Easter, New year, September 1. In the cells with memorable dates, you can draw little pictures for that event: the cake, the bride, the Christmas tree, Easter egg, etc. you’ll see, it will keep your children! Very useful: in fact, you may not know by heart the birthdays of grandparents, and due to the personal calendar will advance to wait for this event and prepare for it. And, of course, in this calendar should reflect the very SPECIAL day of your family holiday! Then you will not be able to shirk the task.

3. But sometimes prepare for the child “surprise” celebration, which can be even an average weekday.

So, what are your unforgettable moments .

Unusual holidays for children

You need to prepare for this day, drawing paper, colorful markers and photographs of different years. You can create a family masterpiece of a photo collage that will delight the whole family for a long time. Even if the child is small, help him, make him feel your importance in this cause. Let things be not so neat, but for the child — a lot of excitement. Children generally like collaborative work with parents. Or, alternatively, make some crafts with their hands, and solemnly presented it to one of these relatives.

Holiday gifts

For a month all prepared for this day, thinking up gifts for each family member. And this day is important not the cost, and the desire to do something nice. Only condition: the gift should always be Packed! In the evening in the room you can spread out a large blanket and placed all together. Each member of the family must earn your surprise: sing a song, dance or tell the verse is a thing of fantasy. And after all “earn” their gifts, arrange joint, the autopsy and enthusiastic view gifts! You’ll see, how it will be fun! At the same bedspread home you can figure out a simple picnic with refreshments. But if such a holiday is arranged in the summer, and the skewers are not accepted.

Holiday pathfinders

You need to prepare the notes for which the child could begin to look for treasures in the morning. It will raise his spirits for the whole day! And even if in the morning to go to kindergarten or school, it is possible for such things to Wake a young scout 10 minutes earlier. Let these notes are not a primitive type such as we are accustomed: “Look under bed”, a fabulous, unusual, having a sense of mystery. For example, “Look under the belly of a four-legged beast that stands in your room”. There’s a matter of your imagination! You can make just a few notes, and let your child find a little surprise (your favorite sweets or a small toy). And on the evening leave the rest of the celebration and the biggest surprise. For an evening of treasure hunting you can draw a map of the apartment with arrows and pointers where to look. If you live in the home and on the street — the warm season, it is even more miraculous: a treasure hunt can be moved to the yard!

In the summer you can arrange Neptune day (usually celebrated in late July at summer camps, resorts) and spend the whole day on the water. Well as arrange contests and games with water. It will appeal to both boys. and girls. Imagine the delight of the children – after all, water games it is so much fun! Within the water of the holiday can be covered with an impromptu holiday table by the pond or, alternatively, an inflatable pool with fruit desserts, healthy and tasty drinks, sweets.

You can think of and arrange day tourist or traveler and take the whole family Hiking camping out sports festival with outdoor games, a bike ride and roller skating (summer) or ski contest and ice skating (in winter) or holiday sweet tooth with the joint preparation of biscuits or chocolate fondue.

A huge number of unusual holidays you can think of, if it be the wish and desire to please the child.

And what unusual holidays the children put on you? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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