All-Ukrainian Festival of the CATCH
We received the long-awaited autumn, and with it the next, long-awaited Ukrainian Festival To each of our Festival we add something new and this time did not miss the point.…

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TThe festival of poetry "Autumn in Ursule"
  October 5 in Kotovsk at the regional festival of Amateur poets ’s Autumn in Ursule" traditionally gathered writers of almost all the districts of Odessa region. Berzonsky competition brings…

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TThe festival of poetry “Autumn in Ursule”


October 5 in Kotovsk at the regional festival of Amateur poets ’s Autumn in Ursule” traditionally gathered writers of almost all the districts of Odessa region. Berzonsky competition brings together its members since 1989. It’s not a competition and overall celebration of poetry, music and freedom of thought, which almost annually in the Kotovsky district.There is nobody not a secret that Ursula is the former name of our city.

The organizers of the festival ’s Autumn in Ursule” Odessa regional management of culture and tourism, nationalities and religions,Odessa regional centre of Ukrainian culture and the cultural Department of Kotovsky district administration. Helped with the festival librarians Kotovsky CBS. Financial support for the festival has had a people’s Deputy Leonid Klimov. First to the guests and participants of the contest were approached by the head of Department of culture Kotovsky district administration Shapran Olga and chief of staff Valentina Belousov.

Their applications for participation in the festival ’s Berzonsky autumn” sent poets Kotovsky, Baltic, ananievski, Lobachevskogo,Belyaev, Berezovsky,chili, Krasnooknyansky regions and cities of Illichivsk and Yuzhny.All the application, applicants were sent to the Odessa regional center of the Ukrainian culture. For the contestants, there were two main conditions – not more than 32 lines and each author could send only three poems.But as it turned out when summing up, some contestants did not take into account the limitations that however did not affect the overall results. The participants competed in such categories as lyrical poetry,social-Patriotic poetry, humorous pieces, and original songs.

The jury were invited well-known literati .Honorary member of the jury was a poet, author and performer of songs Irina Zimina. He headed the jury of this year Dmitry Romanovich Supta, member of the Union of writers of Ukraine.

Everything was carried out according to a predetermined schedule. First was the registration of the participants, then a small digression into the history of Kotovsk area and master class for poets beginners, then everyone could read their work. After the meeting of the jury held a gala concert for all participants and awards. This year abolished the prizes and instead noted laureates and winners of the contest, the participants were officially thanked for their participation in the festival.

To familiarize participants with the history of the Kotovsk region and its attractions employees of the district library has prepared a slide show with information on pronunciation. In the composition of our district 60 villages, the population is multinational, interesting history of the settlement of its territory. Historical monuments and ancient burial sites can be seen in the villages of Nestoit Old and Kulen. In the village of Lipetsk has a Temple of Archangel Michael,built in 1806. Guests learned the names of writers who were directly associated with our district. Presentation of Kotomine ended with a performance of Folk vocal-pop bands Kotovsky district center of culture and leisure-the”melody of the soul”, “Stozhary” and the people’s variety theatre Kotovsky district’s Good for the whole”.

After a two-hour meeting of the jury held a gala concert of the festival ’s Autumn in Ursule” and awarding the winners. To the audience performed katoucha Michael Nizovtsev, Ludmila Shimanskaya, Catherine Kaznacheev, Ivan Yanchevskii, Valentine Juror, Anastasia, Pascal, and many others. The poetry club “source” presented at the competition for young poets, Amateurs, pupils Kotovsky district.Our town and district were submitted in most applications. Known Kotovsky author Michael Nizovtsev participated in three categories and at the gala concert read as satirical and lyrical works. The head of Kotovsk of the literary Association “Lira” Catherine Kaznacheev this festival was the anniversary, twenty years ago, she participated for the first time in bertuliskan competition.

For the first time this year, I sent my application to participate in the festival, the Illichevsk head of the literary Association Leonid Kulakovskii, which was given the title of winner in two nominations.

This year the jury Lily Oleynik from the city of Reni called Mrs. harmony festival. Lily Oleynik, singer and songwriter. At the festival she presented her works dedicated to Ukraine, his native land, and also performed the song “Bessarabia”,this summer released her CD of the same name.

In his final speech, the presenter of the gala concert, Nikolai Mitkevich once again thanked the representatives of Kotovsky district administration for their help in organizing the festival and reminded the authors that next year it is planned to hold next. In the fall of 2014, the festival ’s Berzonsky autumn” again will bring together the creators of poetry. Goodbye Irina Zimina performed for the audience and the contestants original song «Ukraine and Kalina”.