Decor of Dreams - props for creative photo shoots and intimate holiday
  In my spare time I dream ... about new and interesting projects or reading a book. My favorite program ... Oh, I don't watch TV. This time I would…

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In Blagoveshchensk, a festival of theatre and cinema Amur autumn
  The eight-hour flight — and white liner from Moscow landed at the airport of Blagoveshchensk. On Board – a solid celebrity. In town for the twelfth time in the…

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Carnival in Rijeka: bright wires Croatian winter


W hen winter gradually gives way to the spring, before lent, the Croatian city of Rijeka, lights lights of one of the grandest carnivals of Europe . A vivid holiday perfectly combines the elegance and mystery of Venetian and Austrian carnivals, brightness Brazilian parades, as well as the natural purity and depth of native Slavic traditions. The lights of the carnival can not only melt the winter snow and ice, but also to warm the hearts of men, filling them with faith in the goodness and miracles. In its modern form, the carnival has been held since 1982, but in the Chronicles there is evidence that such holidays have been in these lands before. Blame the local nature. On the shores of the Adriatic has always lived and worked hardy, brave and funny people. For them, spring is the beginning of fishing, a new round of destiny. Living in direct dependence on the unpredictable sea the ancestors of the Croats sought to enlist the support of light of supernatural forces and scare away evil from their families and grief. Hence was born this colourful celebration, which received a new breath in the late 20th century.

The carnival changes every year because it depends on the date of celebrating Easter. Nevertheless, he tentatively opens in late January and lasts about a month. During this time in Rijeka are crowded processions, fun and exciting competitions, bright view. The city is literally reborn in the abode of the fairy creatures and dissolves in the stream of merriment. Preparations for the carnival begins immediately after the holidays: citizens suits, prepare a bright room, invent decorations for the streets. A week before the opening of the square and main street Rijeka’s Korzo transformed: a floral garland, glamorous lights the backlight. Everywhere, there are flags: a green flag with the image of the moor in the background of the white tower.

A few days before the main carnival parade in Rijeka is a procession of young residents of the city. It is accompanied by contests, the selection of the Prince and Princess of carnival, street performances. Boys and girls get the opportunity for a day visit to the fairy tale, to feel like pirates, fairies, knights to see the miracles happening.

What carnival is complete without the host and hostess? In light of this, in December, a special Commission begins to accept applications for the titles of Queen and Baron’s carnival song contest. Main selection criteria are: knowledge of carnival traditions, charm, humor, the ability to sing and dance. Elected Queen of the carnival girl takes on significant responsibilities: she should open the festival, to be present at all events, to reward the contestants. On the first day of carnival, the mayor of Rijeka hands over the keys of the city elected Baron of the carnival during a solemn public ceremony. This means that exactly one month, the city goes into power bright festive mystery.

On the day of the main parade through the streets and squares of Rijeka from early morning to the city center of people flock. Closer to the dinner Grand procession, consisting of 20 000-25 000 people, starts moving down the street Korzo. One of the integral parts of the carnival is the procession of bell ringers . citizens obrajenie in the skins of animals in fancy headdresses are with bells on city streets, driving away evil spirits and demons. Magnificent parade headed by the Queen and the Baron carnival accompanied by numerous dancing Moors. Behind the procession annually see more than 100,000 people. Right in motion team members show dancing, performances, sing songs. The city is filled with the sounds of folk entertainment. Over a diverse crowd flashed carnival banners, explosions of crackers with confetti. The main carnival procession lasts only one day. However, the rest of the month in Rijeka there is no place for silence and boredom. The city held a drawing competition for children, snowboard competitions, competitions in archery and crossbow, as well as traditional rally. Unusual rally was organized for the first time in 1990. It is a race involving mummers motorists, each of which tries to decorate his “iron horse” in a most unusual way. Also, as part of the carnival everywhere are charity fairs and bazaars.

On the last day of carnival in the marine harbour of Rijeka on the boat burned a straw man, which marks the winter and all the sufferings and sorrows of the people, who afflicted them in the past year. A bonfire accompanied by fireworks, cheers and applause. Thus end the carnival. Goes winter, carrying all the bad, opening the way to a new spring and new life.