Scenario summer holiday — "Hello summer naughty, Hello sunshine gold"
  Position: instructor in physical education Place of work: MUNICIPAL budget preschool educational institution KINDERGARTEN № 50 "SPARK" Location: Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia Children come to the Playground for a…

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Top 10 Belarusian festivals this summer
Took almost a third of the summer, but hurricane festival in Belarus will fall just a few days. Euroradio 10 most interesting offers Belarusian festivals that are worth a visit…

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Instead Of “Christmas Tree” – “Kissmas Tree”. 15-meter tree, which is lit from kissing, installed in one of the shopping centres in Central London. She, explain the authors, is decorated with 50 thousands of LEDs, which are used for combustion energy of a kiss.

To tree flickered with red and white lights, pair needs to stand under the mistletoe, which is part of the exposition, and, while holding on to kiss. Under the Christmas tree installed an electronic scoreboard, which shows the number of kisses. For every kiss sponsors installation unfastened particular amount in the piggy Bank charitable Foundation for the support of young people in the UK.

Dosifeya 29 Dec

The most eco-friendly

Christmas tree made of bicycles, donated by the owners for reprocessing, established in Sydney. In her collection and the installation took eight weeks and a hundred bikes. The height of the tree exceeds seven meters.

To give the tree a more natural look, Bicycle frame painted green paint, and the wheels are painted in different colors, turning them into a kind of semblance of Christmas balls. On the top of the tree according to the tradition established star, also collected from bikes.

Bike tree was collected as part of the annual campaign to create a Christmas tree of unusual materials, suitable for processing. So, in 2009 in Sydney constructed a Christmas tree out of empty plastic bottles, and in 2008 – from old chairs.

Dosifeya 29 Dec

The restless

It’s also the world’s tallest floating Christmas tree. In Rio de Janeiro Christmas tree is not still on the square, and floats Rodrigo de Freitas in the prestigious area of Lagoa, surrounded by upscale homes and hotels. It’s already the 15th of the floating Christmas tree in Rio de Janeiro – the first time the 47-metre-high Christmas tree there was launched 15 years naazad.

This year, the size of the tree is 85 meters, it is slightly higher than the 28-storey building. It is made of steel and weighs 530 tons. Erected unusual Christmas beauty throughout the month. From the base of the tree in the sky beat four floodlights with a capacity of 7 thousand watts each. Decorated Christmas tree almost three million lamps, lights which create alternating patterns.

Dosifeya 29 Dec

The military

The peace symbol of the holiday is called an “act of propaganda war”. For the first time in the last seven years, South Korea lit giant Christmas tree near border with North Korea.

Tree is a 30-meter metal construction with 100 thousands of colored lights. It is installed at a height of 165 meters above sea level

North Korea has called the establishment of its southern neighbors Christmas tree “act of propaganda war” and threatened “armed response”.

Dosifeya 29 Dec

The most expensive

Christmas tree worth $11 million installed in the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). Itself is a 13-metre Christmas tree is worth no more than $10 thousand remaining amount accounted for jewelry, which she decorated. This is a real gold bracelets, necklaces and watches with diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones. To the tree deputed round the clock security – the four guards plus security cameras.

Along with these expensive toys on the Christmas tree can be seen and all the usual Christmas decorations from paper and cardboard.

Emirates Palace is considered one of the most expensive hotels in the world. Its level is estimated at 6-7 stars, in the decoration of many of the 302 guest rooms are decorated with gold leaf, not to mention the exquisite fabrics and furniture. It is believed that he was created to outshine the most pompous hotel, UAE – Burj al Arab.

Dosifeya 29 Dec

The smallest

Omsk micro miniaturist put up a Christmas tree of size 1.5 mm. It was placed on exhibition in Omsk Museum of a name of Vrubel, devoted to the New year.

“Miniature is made on the poppy seed. Next to the tree sits a Bunny with a height of 0.8 mm. Material for crafts color temperature plastic”, – said the author of the Christmas tree micro miniaturist Anatoly Konenko. Decorated Christmas tree balls made of pure gold.

Dosifeya 29 Dec

The most “advanced”

Main decorated tree in Russia, according to Moscow officials, “innovation and hundreds of meters of led lights, designed by nanotechnology.”

However, innovation is applied only in the decorations, the tree itself is the traditional one, a few. It is not made of iron and not even assembled from many small and cut down. 30-meter forest beauty that is installed on the Cathedral square – more than 100 years. She was brought to Moscow from Moscow Wedge special Christmas truck with the license plate “2011”, lit December 25, Santa Claus, who came for the occasion with the snow Maiden and his entourage from Veliky Ustyug.

Dosifeya 29 Dec

The most Patriotic

In the design of the main Christmas tree of Ukraine is dominated by national motives, elements of traditional Ukrainian ornament, reported Svetlana Zorina, head of the main Department of culture and arts of Kyiv city state administration. For its decoration made 160 toys size of 1 m and 1.5 m, garlands on the tree consist of 1600 lanterns five colors.

The height of the tree is 35 m. It consists of 450 small fir-trees, installed a 20-ton metal frame.

Instead of Santa Claus lighted Christmas tree 17 December the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Note that the tree is set accurately.

Dosifeya 29 Dec

Kharkiv tree created “in the image and likeness of” Kyiv – from small fir-trees, adapted to the frame. Nothing special in the world she can not boast, but on its opening Kharkovites arranged fireworks and projection show.