The most grandiose festivals

In Blagoveshchensk, a festival of theatre and cinema Amur autumn
  The eight-hour flight — and white liner from Moscow landed at the airport of Blagoveshchensk. On Board – a solid celebrity. In town for the twelfth time in the…

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The Most original festivals September
  The font size of Different parts of our country never cease to amaze unique holidays and incredibly interesting events. September is one of the best months to visit them.…

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The oldest carnival


Carnival culture is very old. And carnivals in Italy – a great many. Every town has its own, quite unlike any other. But the Carnival in Putignano has no equal.

If you can imagine that people celebrate almost two months, even our “new year holidays” do not seem so long. Powerful, colorful, daily action action stretching from Christmas to Lent. Almost two months of endless holiday. The end of which are Funeral. The funeral of Mr. Carnival.

And the reasons for this famous carnival, the most that neither is serious. Once, in a rather distant 1394, the knights of Malta transferred the relics of St. Stephen from the small town of Monopoli in the same small town of Putignano. Even then, during the transfer to the procession was joined by the peasants with jokes, songs and dances. Not surprising – Saint Stephen is the patron Saint of the city.

Here and now: the first day of the carnival is awarding huge candles (one President – the President of the carnival, hands it to another – the President of the Committee of St. Stephen). Thus, the participants of the carnival I respect the Church and ask for forgiveness for all the atrocities that’ll do during the festivities. Such prior repentance in a future carnival of sins…

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Feast of the Banjica

“Dobyn den, Skype buddies! Good reached on Tosi it’s good day!”. January 11, Ternovskaya house of culture “Sofia” was the Bulgarian holiday of Banjica. Patty is a traditional dish of the Bulgarians, the indispensable decoration of the festive table. It is made from unleavened dough and must contain at least 8-12 cakes. Between the cakes and put the stuffing, usually cottage cheese or cheese.

Holidays the Banjica became a tradition for many Bulgarian communities in Ukraine. In Nikolaev it was held for the first time. Bright concert, a master class in cooking the Banjica, meeting with representatives of the Bulgarian societies from Kherson, Odessa, Kirovograd, Pervomaisk and S. Slivino the Nikolaev area, greeting of guests, incendiary Bulgarian dances, as well as the competition-tasting of the different types of Banjica is what awaited those who have come today to the feast.

And even traditional greetings for New year and Christmas and the ancient ritual of the boys as, Bulgarian, traditional and modern Bulgarian songs and melodies, national costumes and typical Bulgarian decoration of the house, and of course, tasting the “Queen” of the Bulgarian national cuisine – the Banjica. All this caring helped the audience to get acquainted with the Bulgarian Continue reading

Carnival in Rijeka: bright wires Croatian winter


W hen winter gradually gives way to the spring, before lent, the Croatian city of Rijeka, lights lights of one of the grandest carnivals of Europe . A vivid holiday perfectly combines the elegance and mystery of Venetian and Austrian carnivals, brightness Brazilian parades, as well as the natural purity and depth of native Slavic traditions. The lights of the carnival can not only melt the winter snow and ice, but also to warm the hearts of men, filling them with faith in the goodness and miracles. In its modern form, the carnival has been held since 1982, but in the Chronicles there is evidence that such holidays have been in these lands before. Blame the local nature. On the shores of the Adriatic has always lived and worked hardy, brave and funny people. For them, spring is the beginning of fishing, a new round of destiny. Living in direct dependence on the unpredictable sea the ancestors of the Croats sought to enlist the support of light of supernatural forces and scare away evil from their families and grief. Hence was born this colourful celebration, which received a new breath Continue reading

The Most important pagan holidays Slavs

1-6 – Volosova days. Otherwise referred to as the wolf days. In these days we need to pray livestock patron – God Hair and cattle. Protect the flock these days from the depredation of wolves bring their animals thanks for what they feed us from time immemorial.

3 – Day of remembrance of the legendary Princess Olga . Today a toast in honor of the great Gentile Olga. Glorified centuries in his name by his deeds worthy of memory and glory – took revenge on the citizens for the murdered husband, gave birth to the Great Prince Svyatoslav and United Russia.

6 – Turity . Holiday Yar-Tur, a bull, symbolizing fertility and life force. On this day people wear masks of bulls and play around. Youth plays in turica – fun games. This day is the end of the Christmas holidays.

8 – Indian Porridge . Day midwives-midwives. In Russia it was customary on this holiday to go to the midwives, giving them vodka, pancakes, giving gifts. It was believed if the young woman will make a gift to the midwifery grandmother, she (the girl) will be born healthy and strong child.

18 –Day Intro (Lord of snakes). Intra Slavic mythology is the God of clouds, snakes, wells, springs. Identified with Continue reading



Instead Of “Christmas Tree” – “Kissmas Tree”. 15-meter tree, which is lit from kissing, installed in one of the shopping centres in Central London. She, explain the authors, is decorated with 50 thousands of LEDs, which are used for combustion energy of a kiss.

To tree flickered with red and white lights, pair needs to stand under the mistletoe, which is part of the exposition, and, while holding on to kiss. Under the Christmas tree installed an electronic scoreboard, which shows the number of kisses. For every kiss sponsors installation unfastened particular amount in the piggy Bank charitable Foundation for the support of young people in the UK.

Dosifeya 29 Dec

The most eco-friendly

Christmas tree made of bicycles, donated by the owners for reprocessing, established in Sydney. In her collection and the installation took eight weeks and a hundred bikes. The height of the tree exceeds seven meters.

To give the tree a more natural look, Bicycle frame painted green paint, and the wheels are painted in different colors, turning them into a kind of semblance of Christmas Continue reading

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