Kiev Dance Carnival
  During the three years of its existence, "Qiev Dance" gathered gold sign "Q" more than 25 of the most famous artists and DJs of the world, about 30 thousand…

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Festival the Forge of happiness
  We invite You to the most striking and unusual festival this fall, "the Forge of happiness"! On 10 and 11 September 2011 . from 10.00 to 19.00, in the…

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The program of the festival – to Be Good

The annual festival volunteers and friends “Be Good” is designed for those who want to make this world just a little better. “Be good” is part of the legendary team of the festival ’s Empty Hills” who decided to give a summer celebration for all volunteers. “Be good” is several thousand participants, a whole city of tents in the woods, hundreds of lights, thousands of good votes, workshops, endless fire-show, nightly movie screenings under the stars, as well as live music on several stages. The festival of music all formats: from ethnics to Blues, from rock to trance. The festival also offers secured Parking, fair souvenir and ethnic products, many taverns and coffee shops and more. The festival’s goal is to make became more good people willing to help this world become better.

Each year the festival come by the good people of Kaluga, Tula, Moscow, Bryansk and other regions.

When and where?

This year “Be good ” 2013″ will be held from 27 to 30 June in the vicinity of rural settlements “Berezovsky” (Suvorov district, Tula region), 82 km from Kaluga. Coordinates: Longitude: 36.40113 Latitude: 54.024713. Location map

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Literary festival on the Avenue “planet pranksters”


Maybe Monday and is considered a “heavy” day, but the morning of the second of June in front of the library was the scene of bustle and festive cheer. Employees wore the furniture, books and toys, and draping a festive streamers and installed playgrounds right on the lawn. Passers-by stopped to see what was afoot here, and the passengers were travelling on Lenin Avenue minibuses interested looking in the Windows.

The thing is that on Monday morning in the Central city library for children named after. W. Kober and V. Khomenko was planned a large Literary festival on the Avenue “planet pranksters”. The holiday was timed to the International children’s day and was held in the framework  Symposium “Literature. Children. Time.” The organizers of joyful celebration was organized by the Directorate of culture and protection of cultural heritage of the Nikolaev city Council, the black sea state University named after Petro Mohyla and the Central city library for children named after. W. Kober and V. Khomenko.

On the green grass in front of the library turned colorful Literary lawn under the open sky. Love her like our little readers. Located next to a small house, apparently borrowed from a fairy tale. And even in the green zone is a workshop face paint.

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Israeli festivals and holidays


When the Israelites asked about cultural and religious values of the Jewish festivals, they say, “Look at it this way: tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat”. The answer is fair, because people tried to destroy the Jews for thousands of years, and the Israelis had filled his life holidays.

Israeli festivals and holidays are very diverse. Just to dinner every Saturday with the family is not enough, every time the Israelis have an obligation to listen to their grandparents. The family gathers at the dining table, where in honor of the holiday exposed to a lot of delicious food. Before you start eating, you must perform the religious ceremony. Younger family members are trying to skip when reading long passages from the Torah, while the older generation deplores the godlessness of the younger generation and recalls the days when the Jews were Jews. Below are some Israeli festivals and holidays .

In our day Judaism as there is more tradition than religion and for many festivals provide a sense of continuity that is often missing in the Christian world.

Hanukkah – the Festival of light . Its roots go back to the ancient Greeks, who tried to suppress and assimilate Judaism, the Jews resisted, sacrificing pigs on the altar, and burning clean oil for 8 days. So now, during Hanukkah, they Continue reading