Decor of Dreams - props for creative photo shoots and intimate holiday
  In my spare time I dream ... about new and interesting projects or reading a book. My favorite program ... Oh, I don't watch TV. This time I would…

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Unique gifts for the holiday
  You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed, and leave your comments at the end of the article. Cheat sheet for those who want…

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The world’s best carnivals, which is a great way to have fun before lent by readers of the Guardian.


1. In the first place: Mas Dominik, Roseau, Dominica. This traditional carnival takes place on the eve of Great lent and is characterized by a friendly and non-commercial atmosphere. The holiday is a blend of African masquerade and traditional French carnival. On the first day of the carnival people dress up in costumes or just in pajamas and go outside while banging pots and pans. The atmosphere is so fun and addictive that simple viewer to be no one.

The festival takes place 1-8 March

Nice carnival takes place in the middle of February, but at this time there you can ride along the waterfront on an open-top car and enjoy the many yachts. The main events of the festival are held in Place Masséna.

The festival usually takes place from 18 February to 8 March

Carnival in Cadiz (South of Spain, Andalusia) is the oldest carnival in the world. The holiday dates back to local customs: carnival arranged, when the long voyage returned sailors with gifts and new clothes, which was dressed and walking around the city. Still during carnival wearing a fun, whimsical costumes singing and marching on the city.

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Unique gifts for the holiday


You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed, and leave your comments at the end of the article.

Cheat sheet for those who want to find the most original gifts for the New Year. Valentine’s day, March 8, Birthday, or just on occasion to please your loved ones.

Puzzle with a picture of each . 400 — 1300 rubles.

Still, it’s interesting — build your own image of the pieces. So, while there’s still time, get a cool photo of your friend and go “tinkering” puzzle. As the light version, you can order a mug or t-shirt.

The Calabash . 450 -800 rubles.

Danced the Samba under Santana, rereading Cortazar and eating it all Castaneda, be sure to SIP mate. Traditional materials are prepared in a Cup of pumpkin-calabashes and drunk through a metal straw with a string — bombilla. So brew, drink and drive leisurely conversations.

Set of sake, sushi and rice . 700 — 1400 RUB.

The inhabitants of the land of the rising sun love to relax. And what a relaxing vacation without intoxicating beverages. Ten years ago, few Russian citizens was what sake. Today in many Japanese restaurants offer a taste of the drink pitcher. Ready to drink served in a special Continue reading

Festival – Autumn in the province. Uglich


From 12 to 14 October will be held in Uglich family festival “Autumn in the province”.

Ancient Russian city offers urban dwellers to escape from the whirl of everyday in a nice quiet autumn, folk games and experiences craftsmen in the workshops.

Waiting families and friends.


October 12

15:00-20:00 – Registration of participants to the Tourist information centre. Upon registration, each participant receives all the necessary materials for the program, the Uglich travel guide, city map, icon with symbols of the festival and the badge, giving the right to pass on all festival events.

19:00 and 20:00 – Evening concert in the style of the 19th century in the Museum of the city life. Attention! The number of tickets is limited, must be booked in advance.

October 13

9:00 – 11:00 – registration of participants to the Tourist information centre.

9:00 – Excursion to the convent, in the Epiphany convent of the resurrection monastery and visiting the morning service. All three monasteries are located in the Central historical part of Uglich and historic attractions. Each group will be accompanied by a professional Continue reading