Festival the Forge of happiness
  We invite You to the most striking and unusual festival this fall, "the Forge of happiness"! On 10 and 11 September 2011 . from 10.00 to 19.00, in the…

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Feast of the stomach: an Unusual gastronomic festivals in the world
  At these festivals do not organize gastronomic tours. Many of them are out of reach of most tourist cities, many of them are so crazy that not everyone is…

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Scenario of a summer holiday in the younger group


Children enter the music “Childhood is me and you” (Muz. Yuri Chichkov).


Dear guys! Today we otmechay international children’s day. Congratulations to all on this wonderful day!

And love to the native land.

Do live in the world of colored children

Live on one colorful planet

And this planet at all times

All colored just one!


Let the guys at the evil storm

Obnimi planet dance.

Dispel on her, and the clouds and smoke

Offense did not who will not give.

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Summer activities for children


With the arrival of warm Sunny days comes the time for long vacations, and summer activities for children on the street come to the fore. Children ride bicycles and roller skates, swim in the river, play outdoor games and constantly climb in sports equipment at playgrounds.

Dear readers and blog visitors Develop children themselves, today I will begin to talk about what summer activities for kids prefer our grandchildren. Like all kids, they love to engage in sports corners of children’s parks and squares, but in General on any Playground in the city.

Sports summer fun for kids

One of the favorite places for walks Abbot is a Park with a lake and waterfowl. There is the original maze for small children. Emir loves to use suspension bridge with loose slats on the chains. On the video he passes this obstacle together with a friend.

From all ladders grandson prefers rope, not just to climb on top of her, but also to swing. Recently he learned to swing independently. I was greatly pleased, because we do not need to stand near it and continually to shake. Continue reading

Congratulations to the wedding in your own words


Wedding is an occasion that is remembered for a lifetime. And it is always a miracle in the fate of each. The decoration of this festival are the groom, the bride and, of course, warm wishes from the loved ones.

Congratulations to the wedding in your own words . are the most heartfelt and sincere, but not to get into trouble, of course, you need to think over what you intend to say.

It all depends how you know the bride and groom, if good enough, we can recall some incident from your life when you realized that these people meant for each other. It is desirable of course ridiculous, because in such day don’t be sad.

But what to do if you are almost the first time I’ve seen newlyweds? Here, of course, more complicated. You can pay attention to the appearance of the bride to congratulate and metaphorical. Example: “May your life together flows in the same dazzling light, now looks like a beautiful bride. And let it surround you, only the bright and happy faces!”

But the best greeting is to wish that you wanted. For example: little daughter and an expensive car and so on. Because each person, for himself wants the best.

I congratulate you, my dear newlyweds! Just think – our life is so beautiful and amazing Continue reading