The world's best carnivals, which is a great way to have fun before lent by readers of the Guardian.
  1. In the first place: Mas Dominik, Roseau, Dominica. This traditional carnival takes place on the eve of Great lent and is characterized by a friendly and non-commercial atmosphere.…

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Cultural events of the Autumn in Lviv
  This year in Lviv cancelled or postponed most holidays and festivals in connection with the difficult situation in the country. But Lviv is not going to give up completely…

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Events in Prague in September

Majestic Prague is beautiful in every, without exception, the time of year. But it is especially good in the early autumn. It was at this period it can have a great time, be entertained and have fun. In September 2015 at various venues in the Czech capital will host a variety of concerts, music festivals, will host a variety of exhibitions and other cultural and entertaining events. Read more about some of them:

The early music festival Opera Barocca in Prague

Back in late July at the DOX Centre for contemporary art opened an unusual exhibition called “Process”. It covers the chronology of the courts over such famous figures as Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev. All points are reflected in the comics Russian artist Aleksandra Kotlyarova.

In early September, Scandinavian home and Evald will present a number of iconic Scandinavian cinema works that well known and loved in Northern Europe, but little known to the Czech audience.

With the first week of September – 4th-5th in Prague will host a fair Bylinki Koření a Čaje 2015. At this extraordinary event will feature many types of seasonings, spices, tea, sweets, herbs and a variety of cosmetics.

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Festival – Autumn in the province. Uglich


From 12 to 14 October will be held in Uglich family festival “Autumn in the province”.

Ancient Russian city offers urban dwellers to escape from the whirl of everyday in a nice quiet autumn, folk games and experiences craftsmen in the workshops.

Waiting families and friends.


October 12

15:00-20:00 – Registration of participants to the Tourist information centre. Upon registration, each participant receives all the necessary materials for the program, the Uglich travel guide, city map, icon with symbols of the festival and the badge, giving the right to pass on all festival events.

19:00 and 20:00 – Evening concert in the style of the 19th century in the Museum of the city life. Attention! The number of tickets is limited, must be booked in advance.

October 13

9:00 – 11:00 – registration of participants to the Tourist information centre.

9:00 – Excursion to the convent, in the Epiphany convent of the resurrection monastery and visiting the morning service. All three monasteries are located in the Central historical part of Uglich and historic attractions. Each group will be accompanied by a professional Continue reading

Pagan holidays in July

Deliver me from the predatory hands and from foreign peoples power. Their speech is full of vanity, scourge. Hand them leads us bow! — these words still Lomonosov, more relevant than ever in our days. Therefore, for those who are not only interesting history, culture and greatness of spirit of the Russian people, but also wants to find out something new from the ancient wisdom we continue to publish the old Church calendar that the ancient Slavs celebrated in July, considering the fact that in the traditions and holidays especially show the breadth of their knowledge.

The Name Day Of The Month

July 5 our ancient ancestors celebrated the name day of the Month. On this day they were celebrated as the Month and Horned Father — vélez and the man in the moon Mother — Mary. The month, the moon, and the Sun starocean took a significant role. They called a Month and Veles the Boat, on which the souls of the dead depart to the afterlife — NAV, and Sickle Mary, by which she cuts the thread woven by the Goddess Alive ( threads of life ), and horns of the heavenly cow, and the Navier Chara of madder which is death, drinking the life force. In ancient times people believed that the Moon is directly linked to the world of the dead and opposes the Sun, as the giver of life, light and heat. Therefore, it is still of the opinion that the moon and its light Continue reading