Unusual holidays for children
  At least once a month during your holiday you can think of and organize your special family holiday . Like this that's not in the calendar. You'll see —…

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Unusual carnivals
  Carnivals are not only in Brazil and Venice. For example, in the Italian ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio carnival this year celebrating "on" - "the Carnival of the…

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World events March: art and culture of the peoples of the world

Every month in the world there are significant events that are memorable to mankind for a long time. Now, however, we are not talking about political events or competitions, not on the screening of new film projects, fashion, and interesting cultural and sometimes very colorful events around the world.

The content

India: the colors and paint

In mid-March (the 17th) will host one of the brightest events. And not only metaphorically, but literally. It is called Holly and is an ancient tradition in the country. She can have several scenarios, however, the breeding ritual fires, after which the Indians are dressed in simple clothes and carrying capacity with colorful water, and bags of dry paints. Then begins the riot of colours or colorful Orgy, everyone wants to decorate the world, putting all of his soul. Be afraid of colors is not necessary – in India they are made from natural ingredients. In addition to paints used spices and powders of herbs. Those who engage in Ayurveda, confidently state that in the process of colorization of the world except the joy a person can spend a great prevention against viral infections.

Spain: meeting of spring

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Events in Prague in September

Majestic Prague is beautiful in every, without exception, the time of year. But it is especially good in the early autumn. It was at this period it can have a great time, be entertained and have fun. In September 2015 at various venues in the Czech capital will host a variety of concerts, music festivals, will host a variety of exhibitions and other cultural and entertaining events. Read more about some of them:

The early music festival Opera Barocca in Prague

Back in late July at the DOX Centre for contemporary art opened an unusual exhibition called “Process”. It covers the chronology of the courts over such famous figures as Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev. All points are reflected in the comics Russian artist Aleksandra Kotlyarova.

In early September, Scandinavian home and Evald will present a number of iconic Scandinavian cinema works that well known and loved in Northern Europe, but little known to the Czech audience.

With the first week of September – 4th-5th in Prague will host a fair Bylinki Koření a Čaje 2015. At this extraordinary event will feature many types of seasonings, spices, tea, sweets, herbs and a variety of cosmetics.

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Fashion Show – spring summer


Fashion show 2014 – Grand event in the global fashion industry, which is traditionally held in the biggest cities of the world – the world capitals of fashion industry. Usually Fashion Weeks are held in the late fall, and they form the main design trends for next spring-summer, and 2014 is no exception.

Fashion shows in Moscow 2014 were presented in the traditional Fashion Week (30.10.13 on 4.11.13). The main catwalk fashion show 2014 in Moscow’s Gostiny Dvor, located in the heart of the capital.

Visitors of the Moscow fashion show spring summer 2014 expect some pleasant surprises. First, the updated design of the new Playground space has increased due to the second floor, which is also beautifully highlighted architecture Gostiny Dvor. Secondly, the logo of the event also got a new design. He was very original, stylish and sleek, which underlines the specificity of the Moscow Fashion Week.

At the fashion show spring-summer 2014 their collections of clothing represented both Russian and foreign designers.

The opening of Fashion Week in Moscow was marked by a fashion show by Russian designer Valentin Yudashkin. Also their collections were presented by well-known Russian fashion designers, such as Sergey Sysoev, Lisa Romanyuk, Masha Tsigal and others.

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